new Timelines Emerging

This Lions Gate is turning into quite an opportunity.
Yesterday, I was asked to go sit on the steps in the garden. Out I went to sit in the warm sunshine, I closed my eyes and enquired what I was waiting for. 

“You can step onto a new timeline.”

Immediately I became aware of a run of energy underneath me, slow moving, it appeared to me a little like the moving pavements we see in airports. The one I was on was a bit dirty, frayed and in need of maintenance. 

As I watched, a new line of energy opened up next to it. Same sort of structure, like a moving sidewalk, but this was an obvious upgrade, clean and shiny, literally glowing with light. Faster moving too. I stepped onto it, and immediately, the old timeline dissolved. It fell apart and disappeared. No going back. I became aware that the old line held much of my history, a story of cancer that has run for twenty years, and more. Addiction was deeply wound into that timeline, and a belief in myself as a failure, someone who would never amount to anything much, or have anything to offer. 

These beliefs have all come up very strongly this year, and again in the past couple of days. I recognise the beauty of that now. Bring everything to the surface, be fully cognisant of it, take responsibility for it, then…..

Well, maybe then we get to jump onto a different track, where those anciently wound patterns of energy don’t even feature.
Even writing that makes me a little nervous. It’s early days yet. What if the cancer returns?….And what if stepping onto a new timeline helps to ensure it wont?

These rising timelines are on offer now. The Lions Gate is being shown to me as the perfect opportunity to make the shift. 
These timelines are emerging from the core of the earth. She is offering us a future that isn’t based on our past. A future not tainted by what has gone before. She released the trauma timelines a while ago. It’s time for us to do the same.

What I experienced as I explored the new energy was a whole field opening up beneath me and rising into my system. I was asked to bring it right the way through me, offering it to every cell. Then I was told to continue moving it on up into the upper reaches of my energy field. I watched as it swirled on upward, becoming my toroidal field, and opening out to the cosmos, drawing down frequencies that correspond to it’s new, heightened resonance. It was beautiful, and not in any way my creation. I didn’t think this one up.
I am being asked to share it though, and we will work with this on the Lions Gate teleconference.

There’s a funny thing with timelines. If you make the jump, then you have to change. There is no point in shifting tracks and doing the same old same old. You have to do enough things differently in order to truly activate the new line. 
Get started on that project you have been dreaming of. Apply for the job, ditch the relationship that isn’t serving.
Allow the new energy surging in you to support you in anchoring into the new life that is waiting.It’s also useful to stop doing some of the stuff that held you in your old timeline.You know, the low frequency stuff you thought you could get away with.
We all have it going on. 
Its about allowing a new frequency to take up residence in you and for you.

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