The deepest Act of Revolution

I have awoken from a dream about revolution. People cutting through and scaling razor wire. When I ask why I’m dreaming about this, I become aware of the deepest act of revolution there is. To hold open our heart despite the obvious external circumstances that would encourage us to close down, take a  defensive stance.
Its the only thing we need do now. Really.
It’s the most healing, most senseless, most beautiful, easiest thing to do. Sure, the human heart, the personality heart may still be holding it wounds, some of them. There may still be things unsorted, not in their right place. But this act of defiance, well, we do it simply because we can. Because its the most joyful response in any situation, no matter what. 
It doesn’t mean you are a pushover. There is a complete re-framing of what love is, what constitutes a loving act.
This love, what I am talking about here, is completely impersonal. It simply wants to be on the planet now. It is what we came to do.   Ground vast mounts of love on and into the earth, simply because we can. And sometimes this love appears almost callous. It requires bravery to be this love, because you may well have to appear quite unloving to those round you.
This is an act of rEVOLUTION. It takes courage, and it requires nothing more than willingness. Be warned though. It might ask more of you. As the state deepens in you, as you then it wants more of you. Eventually all of you. This is how it is. 
It means we are evolving out of the limited site, No longer willing to be held, chained, limited by the nonsense we see on our news broadcasts, in our social media, our politics. It means we are ready to do what it is we came to do, which is to become the fabric of the New Earth rising.
From the outset of receiving guidance, it has always been made clear to me that the heart was the most significant aspect in my evolution. It was always, ” Open your heart to that”, “bring this hatred, bitterness, anger into your heart and watch what happens”, or “Accept this challenge at the level of the heart. It will change everything.” And it does. Maybe not on the outside, though often it has a noticeable impact. But always internally. My whole world lightened and brightened. 
Recently this was amplified. During the experience of cancer I have just moved through, I was pinned down by Guidance and held to that simplest of acts.”Can you open your heart to this.? All of it. The fear, the rage, the loneliness, the treatment….All of it”
Well it turn out it’s possible. It’s very early days yet, too early to say I’m out of the woods but I know, whatever the prognosis, I’ll be able to open my heart to it. simply because there is no other way to live now.
We came to assist the shift in the frequency of the planet. We are the embodiment of that shift. En masse our combined capacity to create fields of energy that make a powerful difference is really coming on line. But its most important that we do it in the small, simple things. That we do it for ourselves, because we want to fill and flood our bodies and our fields with these frequencies of life.
We are meant to ground them in the very location we find ourselves in on the planet. This creates a vital field of  bright love all around the earth.

I’ve never been a fan of “protection” at an energetic level.It makes no sense to me. This is the only protection we need. The field created by an open heart. Its huge, strong, beautiful and powerful. I think it renders you “invisible” to lower frequencies. 
This is how we anchor the new timelines, and separate out from low frequency fields, our willingness to do this is what makes all the difference.

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