11/11 Gateway. Renewal and Rebirth.



As I sit to write this, we are right in the peak of the 8/11 full lunar eclipse. This particular passageway is one of extreme intensity. We are needed to be fluid in these times. Energy shifts are sudden and can be dramatic. Things rise to the surface and feel so real in the moment, only to dissipate rapidly and move through. What seemed so vitally important is practically forgotten hours later.

Very recently, in meditation, I experienced myself as a pile of glowing embers. It was a strange feeling and when I enquired as to why, I received no immediate reply. In the days since I have kept seeing he image of the phoenix, the mythical beast that rises from the ashes of its own combustion. I know this is the response to my enquiry.

It is the symbol of renewal. It feels perfect for the times we find ourselves in. We are being dismantled and reduced to ashes. All that we held as important, significant, real is falling away to leave only what is true. It’s helpful to not struggle against these tides. They are collective. What we incarnated for. We knew we would embody the energy of the human construct, and have it dismantled within us as our way of contributing to the collapse of what is falling away.

I’m offering a teleconference on Friday to mark the 11/11 Gateway. Another of those powerful moments for our collective. There will be no charge for this event. If you feel moved to donate, then that is very much appreciated and gratefully received.

I believe one of the most significant ways we can support ourselves, each other and the planet in this transition, is through energetic means. Gatherings, in person or on-line are a very powerful way of grounding huge amounts of energy through the field that is co-created. At this point, this is a really important thing to do. It is very helpful for us, often feeling alone in this massive process, to experience the powerful energetic connection. It is a part of our mission. It offers our off-planetary teams the opportunity to work with and on us and as well as on the planetary field. These planetary wide fields of energy are becoming more and more significant in the transformational process.

The 11/11 Gateway teleconference marks a point opening us into a season of renewal. Many of us operate quite as way ahead of the collective. awe are seeing the world begin its deep dive into deconstruction. Many of us are already coming g out the other side and are holding the templates of rebirth, resurrection and renewal.  Here we will explore and activate those.

As always, the recording will be sent out to all who register soon after the event finishes.