Accessing The Divine Masculine in Nature.



Many of us struggle to access or allow the Divine Masculine energies that are making a resurgence on the planet. There is often confusion and a lack of trust, or an expectation that this force of creation will destroy and damage. Maybe we believe it will adhere to the pattern of the past few thousand years and express itself with violence and dominance. We are terrified of this, while aware that the patriarchal energies still apparently running the show need a counterbalance.

Well, as is often the case, nature has a way.

Over last weekend I was on a wet camping trip.  During the time away, I had a series of encounters with what I would call the Divine Masculine in nature. The owner of the campsite appeared to me to be an embodiment of the Green Man. He has created a truly beautiful space, a woodland campsite, where people can come and connect with nature. The buildings he has created all display wonderful craftsmanship, and sit easily in their surroundings.

Out walking, I met a huge, powerful bull. His immense strength was obvious, and quietly inhabited as he sat on the brow of the hill, impassively facing into the ripping wind.

On the walk up that hill, I was very aware of the shape of the earth forming the body of a vast landscape dragon. I walked up his spine, it felt very masculine to me, and down over his head and nose. I have often experienced powerful places in the landscape as high sleeping dragons. Maybe this is why the bid earth meridians are often called dragon lines.

The trees too seemed to take on beautifully strong, solid but flexible field of a masculine character.

Once home, I enquired about the string of meetings and perceptions. I became aware immediately that nature offers us a way of connecting with the masculine force of creation. It is both an internal force and an external reality. Natures way in is one we instinctively trust, and know deeply because we are nature too, not in anyway separate from it.

The great nature god Pan, cloven hoofed and horn headed was transformed into the devil by Christianity. We relegated him to the dark underworld. It is now time to welcome that aspect of creation, along with the Green Man, out of the depths of our subconscious.  We can enlist their help in opening to and balancing the dual forces of creation within us. They have both been present over the past few days, ensuring that I get their message of willing support.

In this way, we sidestep any inner reluctance on our part to open to the masculine. We get to embody and integrate a version of maleness that is earthcentric and wholistic. It is naturally trusted by the feminine, and stands as an antidote to the corruption and dissolution of the patriarchal forces.

It’s been a rich few days and there are a few layers to this teleconference, so I will write again of some of the other aspects we will be looking at. As usual, all of them dovetail, and work harmoniously together to help us integrate more of ourselves and create fields of balance for the planet.