Aligning Personal, Planetary and Solar Toroidal Fields. A Free Teleconference.




The sun is sending us the most amazing series of support, guidance and encoded evolution at the moment. All to help us prepare and get on board with what is coming. The eclipses, lunar tomorrow, solar on the 8th April, open a huge window of blossoming potential, and the sun will continue to strengthen its input into our world and our lives.
It is very easy when the energies flowing into our systems are this intense, to move into a defensive posture. Unconsciously we put up shielding structures to avoid the apparent bombardment. It can be useful to remind ourselves, often, that these influxes are here to help us, and to move us into the next phase of our personal and collective evolution.
On this free offering, we will work with a simple protocol that literally has just landed in my awareness. Many of your my already be experiencing something along these lines.
It will be a useful way of opening to, receiving, but also becoming the energies that are flowing into our world. That way, we no longer experience them as coming at us from the outside, but they are a part of or system already, flowing within us. Regulated by our Higher Self.
Initially, we align the Earth Star and Soul Star and allow our personal toroidal field to expand. Then we bring in the toroidal field of the heart and merge that fully. From there, we move to the  planetary torus, integrating our personal field into that. Lastly, we align with the solar toroidal field. It’s very simple, but quite profound. It is also very balancing and protective.
It allows us to come online to bigger potentials within us. We get used to higher frequency energies in a way that feels very natural. It helps us to expand to include our Solar Self in an easy way, the doesn’t stress us too much.
Know that in an excercise like this, the merging that happens will be totally appropriate for each of us at this point in time. You won’t be suddenly overwhelmed with a vast amount of energy that you don’t know how to process. The protocol will though, help you to quickly expand your ability to process large amount of energy in a safe way for you. I think what is on offer today, not in any way dreamed up by me, will be a really useful piece of energy work as we move forward into ever heightening energies, and a more chaotic world.
This will session will probably last about an hour. Maybe a few mins more or less.

If you wish to make a donation, that would be very gratefully received. The donate button is on the website.