A Free 11/11 Hang Out.



The energies are very strong this week. There is a significant ramping up for the powerful gateway of 11/11. Im offering a free get together on that day, to provide a focus and possibly a field of amplification for us, and the wider planetary collective. I know the timing might be unworkable for many in various parts of the globe, but the recording might well be a useful thing to listen to at a time that suits you.

No bells and whistles on this one. Just gathering in the field.
What I’m thinking is that, to start, we will set the field, extend the usual invitations and then meditate in silence for a chunk of time, maybe 25-30 mins. The focus will be on a deep receiving of the energies present. To wrap up, we will take time to integrate the energies into our system and as usual, offer them out to the wider field. It will probably last about 45 mins in total.

Nothing much more than that really. We will just let the energies speak for themselves. I’m aware of being encourage to offer as much as possible at this time, to make the most of the energies of transformation available.