An Awakening Army.



Sometimes things get revealed that literally take your breath away. Now is one of those times.

We are on the verge, of the biggest awakening of mass consciousness this planet has experienced. It has been underway for many years, but now we are on the cusp of something that I think revolutionises all of our experience.
For those of us that have been in this process for a while, it will deepen and expand significantly. Many millions more are, over the coming months, going to move into an awakening process.
At surface level, it will look like disclosure of secrets, lies and corruption. But there are many levels to this. We are encourage to go as deep as is possible, and not get caught up in the surface frame, enticing as it may be.

For a little context, this past couple of weeks have felt brutal and powerful. We have been pushed into clearing some of the most fundamental patterns and programmes of collective awareness. I certainly have been in a place of doubting and questioning everything. The sense of being dismantled has been overwhelming, and surrender has been the only option.

Now, as we have passed through fierce eclipses and an enormous battering of solar energy, all directed at our awakening, we begin to move into a different phase. Here’s how it has played out in my awareness.

Over the past week or so I have been encouraged to spend a lot of time meditating in the garden. As soon as I would sit, I was guided to open my heart, and as this field played out through my body, to anchor through the sushumna, the central energetic column. I would see how the arrangement of all of the personality structures around the central column of light, was becoming more and more irrelevant. I was shown that it is now time to fully anchor into this inner column of light, as this is who and what we are. “Live from this place. ” was the encouragement.

“Allow the light radiating from your core to emanate through all levels of your being. Become this light, not separate from it in any way.”

There was a a lot of powerful activity through the heart field and I experienced an anchoring of my heart field into the collective, planetary heart field. I think this is happening for many.
Everything I write about is happening for many, or about to take place.

Yesterday, in a small group session led by Morgan Lee of Zero,  I was immersed in a frozen wasteland. The ice was a beautiful, pristine aqua-blue colour. Energy poured through my core, deep into a vast field of ice beneath me. The collective field. I had the experience of being a frozen traveller, crossing huge distances, and being put on ice to awaken at the appropriate location in time and space.

I felt myself emerging from an icy enclosure, and to my left and right I could sense others doing the same. This stretched on into the distance, huge numbers of us, coming to this point where we thaw the essential part of ourselves and begin our work. I have always said this, but I think the work is primarily energetic. It is more about our being than our doing.

I have the strongest sense that the personality structures are something like caretakers, placeholders. We dis-identify with these more external aspects and begin to experience ourselves from a core that is, regardless of the work we may have been engaged in over many years, only just beginning to thaw out and come on line. This will be an amazing revolution.

An army of light is awakening and coming on-line. Not to go to war, but to stand as statements of peace, harmony, love…..

There is much more to this of course. I will write more over the coming days. There will be a teleconference on Sunday where we will work with these energies, and talk more about what is unfolding.

Always remember that this is happening to us collectively. We signed up for this, and this is not something given or activated by anyone else. This is underway. You may experience it differently than I am describing it. It is personal to each of us, but a collective process non the less.
Many of us have felt numb, unavailable, detached, not fully engaged. I spent much of my life in that sort of state. Of course there are valid psychological reasons for this. Many of us have also felt that we weren’t really here, or that our real self is elsewhere.
This is about to change. We are literally undergoing the most massive collective shift to a much more synchronised, harmonious operating system. One that is unified, rather than fragmented.

On Sundays teleconference, we will work with the energies unfolding for us. I do have a sense that this speeds and smooths the process. It also acts like a signal, one of many, that alerts more and more, helps in the collective awakening process.
We will work through the central column of light, and help thaw out frozen areas.                                                                                                                              It is time. It is happening. Allow doubt or fear about your validity and relevance to fall away. You are important, and a part of this awakening, not left out or left behind. You chose to be here for this. We all did.

The live event will be a powerful piece of energy work The recording will hold the energy and be useful to listen to later.