Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies.



I experienced an influx of the Divine Masculine energies the other day. It took me by surprise. It was a powerful pouring in of energy that opened out spaces I hadn’t realised were closed. Energy flowed into meridians and channels that perhaps haven’t been operating well for a very long time. It was exciting and energising and made me very aware of action that needed to be taken in my life.

A precursor to this took place last week, when there was a sudden and surprising meeting in my heart of masculine and feminine energies. I understood that the “Battle of the Sexes” that has played out in my psyche, and was exemplified and externalised by the violent relationship of my parents, was at an end.

Yesterday I watched as this beautiful, pure masculine energy moved into the body of a client. A woman.  It balanced her field, and became the foundation for some radical shifts in her energy. I knew as I was watching this unfold, that it wants to happen, is ready to happen collectively.

When balance, true balance occur within, something new can be created. We give up looking outside of ourselves for the answers and solutions. These powerful energies need each other, and it doesn’t matter what body we are born into in this life. We are here to come to balance.

That balance will allow something new to be born. something we cant even comprehend yet. The coming together will create something greater than the sum of its parts.

So, we will work with this is on a teleconference. It won’t be a focus only on masculine energies, but on balancing both masculine and feminine within us. Nothing will be forced. Each of us is in our own place and what happens will be totally what we are ready to receive.

It may be that you need to receive more feminine frequencies to come to balance. Space will be made for that to happen. It may be that these incoming masculine energies are totally what your system is longing for now.

I know from experience, that when things like this are showing upon in my life and world then it is ready to happen in the wider collective.

This truly is a time like no other. So much is falling away, coming to an end. A very significant part of this is the ending of the separation within us of the masculine and feminine energies. As we come to a greater degree of balance as individuals the impact on the collective will be absolutely stunning. On this teleconference we will hold this work as a template for the human and planetary collective.  Often we are working just ahead of the curve and initiating energies, bringing them into a collective focus. This is certainly the case here.

I hope you will join me for this exciting shift in the collective balance.

Photo by Scott Broome on Unsplash