Choosing Peace. A Planetary Offering. Free Teleconference.



One of the beauties and joys of this work is that I am often taken by surprise by what unfolds. Very recently I have been made aware that I was subtly wired for war. As soon as the awareness arose, the opportunity to unravel that wiring, to disconnect, was offered too. It happened very quickly, in a matter of seconds. The resulting shift in energy I am experiencing is profound.

Here’s how it happened.

I am attending a short, on-line “Higher Consciousness” course with my first ever teacher of psychic and spiritual development. It’s a great course, I’m really getting a lot from it.

In this weeks session, we were asked to focus on someone/something that is irritating us, making us angry. The focus was to be of the most pure, unconditional love we could access.

As we settled into the meditation, I could feel my strong energetic bonds to my chosen subject. I was aware of a lot of energy flowing into these cords. It was beautiful. All of a sudden I was out in space, looking at a small planet that was totally dominated and governed by warfare, its very reason for being was war. I questioned why I was seeing this, and suddenly became ware of all of the ways I am wired for war. All of the ways I shift into angry conflict in my mind. It was a shocking. I felt the energetic connection to this planet of war, and the opportunity to disconnect. As soon as I said yes, then all of the wiring in my system, a subtle, fine tracery of energetic threads through my body and field came alight and lifted quickly lifted out.

It all happened so very quickly. This is often the way with these major shifts. They’re not organised or instigated by the personality, but totally happen because of a readiness, an alignment with the opportunity present.

The result was immediate. I felt, initially almost bewilderingly tired. I knew something had dramatically shifted in my field. The tiredness continued for an hour or so, but was soon overtaken by a deep sense of relaxation and peace. I know my configuration has changed.

This may have been a thought form of my own, or the collectives creation that I was still hooked up to. As I consider it, it actually feels that there are whole star systems given over to warfare. I might well have incarnated in those systems and dimensions before, and still have been carrying the energetics of that belief system.

Our planet is a very war loving planet. At this time there are around three dozen armed conflicts happening around the planet. This is not unusual.

As soon as something like this happens for me, I am aware that it might be useful for a wider collective. This time, I was holding back a little, thinking it is all too soon. I should wait for it to settle in my system.

Immediately Guidance steps in to tell me that one of the reasons I have such visceral experiences is to offer them to the collective, and to be able to speak about them in a way that others might recognise and feel touched by. I am wired for collective action at this level and in this way. I was also made aware that the planetary collective is ready to be offered this choice. Maybe the decision is already made, and it is simply the act of releasing the wiring that needs to happen.

I am sure about the offering. That it is personal and planetary, and big. It’s also very joyful. Can you feel that?

So, I am offering a free teleconference in order to co-create a field of possibility for all of those who wish to participate. It will also for the planetary collective. If you feel ready to lay down any war like tendencies you may  have running, this might be useful event to attend.

I like to remind everyone that you don’t need to do this with me tor anyone else. It as an internal process, and can be engaged with your own intent, your own guidance and higher self. There is often however, great potency in doing things with others, and because this is being offered to the planet, even more so.

We are at a beautiful tipping point, teetering on the brink, not of total collapse, but of total transformation. This, a collective decision to release warfare as a means of communication, if agreed upon, will be irresistible. Everyone on the planet will be bound by that decision. We will have agreed to choose peace over war. It may take a while to play out, but it will be implemented, and become a part of the way forward for our planet.

I hope you’ll consider joining me for this powerful offering and energy work.

Donations toward the costs incurred are very gratefully received.