Decompression. Energy Work to Open Up Deeper Levels of Being.



I wonder if you can relate? Recently, I have often experienced, when I allow myself to get quiet and still, energy pushing into and opening up ever deeper layers and levels of my being. I’m experiencing it in my physical, but its probably more accurate to say its happening energetically.

It’s a lovely feeling. In a very real sense, it’s one of deep surrender, as we allow ourselves to be penetrated by the incoming energies. It’s very simple, and a function of the potency of what we are receiving. Put up a fight and you are in trouble. The energies, intelligent and fierce in their mission to open us to the truth of our being, will just batter you into submission.

We all have the places within where we hold resistance. Often we believe we are fighting an imaginary war, defending a place within so precious, that we vowed lifetimes ago to die rather than give in. We literally took vows, in our confused states, to resist truth at all costs.

Much of this resistance is locked into DNA. We could say it is ancestral. There is a lot of ancestral work happening collectively at the moment, as this work of clearing DNA imprints takes us to ever more profound levels.

Now, everything must return to its true resonance. Deeper and deeper, we are peeled and penetrated. This can  feel like bliss, as we are opened up and infiltrated at ever more sublime levels. Consciously  allowing resistance to fall away is key here. Paying attention to where we try to repel what is here in our highest interests will reap rewards.

This is a useful focus now, as energy seems a little quieter, softer. We are not under such an intense barrage. Things will pick up again as we move toward the Equinox and this is perfect preparation for that super strong period in our cycle around the sun.

As always, the huge team that works with us will have tricks up their sleeve and magic in their fingertips, as that support our opening and deepening process. I was a little taken by surprise last Sunday by what initially approved to be a simple piece of heart energy work, and actually was a profound reconfiguration of the physical and energetic heart. It happened at the beginning of the call, and wasn’t flagged up at all. I love how this works.

Todays piece of energy work is something that has been flagged for a while. Now is it’s time. The recording will be available shortly after we finish and of course, is yours to keep.

This will be a deep powerful movement. One that may well bear repeating.