Dissolving The Fabric of The Old World


The fabric of our old world is wearing very thin, and the light of the new world is showing through.

On this teleconference, we will work with those energies to strengthen and amplify them.



Occasionally last year, I would get to see what I termed the “fabric of reality”. It showed up as a spun cloth, finely enmeshed with everything in this world.
Each time I saw it, there was more space opening between the fibres.
If I see things repeatedly, I’m being asked to pay attention, and this is showing up more often. I am seeing the warp and weft of the structure of reality, at least, what we have come to accept as reality.
The “warp and weft”, the strands we have created this reality out of, are dissolving. There is much more space between those strands now than there was. This is partly because the cosmic frequencies are dissolving them. Also, importantly, we are not spinning them quite as ferociously and mindlessly as we were.
So many of us around the world are experiencing a different schedule. We are not engaged in the daily rituals in the same way. Millions are not locked into the life they have inhabited.

At one level, we are reality creating machines. This is one of the things the human energy field does. It spins worlds. The focus of our attention and our belief systems determine the reality we are spinning. We construct our own worlds and tend to lock ourselves in.
Many have been feeling enslaved to the old reality. Trapped on a treadmill, chained by debt, obligation, duty…….
One of the beautiful things about where we find ourselves collectively is that the world has for many ground to a halt.
We are not, collectively spinning the dream version of reality we were locked into. This is an extraordinary gift.
Billions of us are getting off the daily treadmill that meant we were spinning the same story often out of habit.
As the old fabric of reality falls apart, then a reality comprised of much more light starts to shine through.
It’s appearing between the strands of the old reality we have been spinning. It’s always been there, always available but at collective levels we have been blindly focused on the spin. Seduced into activities, jobs, ways of life that keep us massively constrained, limited in our capacity to create freely and exhausted by our lives.

Imagine puling apart the loosely woven threads of a piece of cloth. More light shows through. The cloth becomes transparent. You begin to see through the old fabric, into new, much bigger  possibilities and opportunities. That is what is happening for us at a planetary level.
We are no longer as engaged, at a collective level, in spinning the old world into being. Because much of the old world is not based in any sustainable truth, it has nothing to rest upon. It is falling apart.
Because so many on this planet are completely unaware of their capacity to spin a reality, this has been used against us, to trap us in very limited versions of what is possible.

Pay attention now to what is appearing in the gaps, to the light that is emerging between the strands of the fabric of reality.
This is what we weave the new world from. We’re not there yet. We are still dissolving the old world.
As it dissolved, those whose only anchoring is into that reality will be very challenged, probably very scared.

It will be scary for most of us, but if you are more deeply anchored into a Truth based system, Love, because this is the underpinning Fabric of Existence, then you will find your footing. You will feel held and supported by what is unfolding, even if you cant see it yet.

It’s important now to engage in new ways with your world, and your heart. The things you have always fantasised about, the creative projects you didn’t have time for. Do them now. Spend time meditating on what it is you want, how you want to live.
W will soon begin spinning a New World.
First we are accompanying and witnessing the death of the old one. It’s an important process, and won’t be rushed. It has to be complete.
We are just at the start of this and there is a long way to go.
Understand that behind the dissolving fabric of an old world, is a new world waiting to be born.

On this  teleconference we will focus on the warp and weft of the reality we have co-created, helping that to dissolve more smoothly and speedily. We will also give time and space to the light that is emerging, amplifying and encouraging that.

We will also focus on the potency of the co-created field and ground that in our individual locations. This is a part of the creative process that we are ready for.

much love,

Photo by Sergio Gonzalez on Unsplash