Dissolving The Rape Construct


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This pattern of energy governs and underpins much of what transpires on this planet. There is a huge history of rape as a weapon of war, as a suppression of feminine power, and as a never ending, never satisfied hunger leading to massive destruction at a planetary level.
Over the past month I have seen this dismantling itself in the energy field of clients. It is something I have worked on deeply in myself, and now understand that the frequencies of light that are flowing into our collective, and emerging from the heart of the earth, are pushing a vast piece of architecture up in the group subconscious, our physical bodies and in the body of the earth.
It began long before an the ridiculous concept of “Man shall have dominion over the Earth”. On this call we will track back to the very root of the belief system of rape, and with the huge help and support of the non-physical realms, invite its complete dissolution.
This isn’t about saving the planet, but simply about releasing the reptilian mindset that has for thousands of years gripped our evolutionary process. Its ending now. This is a significant piece of work.
I’ll say more about this in the coming week, but if you feel moved by what you’re reading, then please join me for what promises to be a very powerful event.