DNA Superconductor.



It already feels as if we are deep into 2024, but, if we are following the Gregorian calendar, we are just at the beginning. Whatever measurement system you follow, time feels as if it is racing. This is heightened by the increasing flows of energy we receive directly from and through the sun. The emptying out process is fierce, intense and beautiful. How we define ourselves and our lives is in a constant state of morph and flux.

Our ability to receive data has shifted and changed. There has been a significant up-levelling of sensitivity and capacity since Decembers Solstice. As more and more outmoded ideas and beliefs about ourselves and life fall away, or are pulled out of our grasp as is sometimes the case, our whole system becomes more and more clear. It could be very useful to discard old ideas about “becoming psychic” or being “blocked” and come to recognise ourselves as perpetual transmitters and receivers of information and energy and every level of our being.

Inner and outer are truly becoming one. This morning sitting quietly, nothing particular on my mind, I first expanded out past the energy field of the planet, and basked in the peace of that space. The expansion was happening inwards too. Space opened up between my cells and DNA became a platform, an interstellar way-station that could have been anywhere or everywhere the universe. There were landings and disembarkings of craft  on this way station, and modules were fired out into space from this place. All the while I was aware of the quietly intense energy of Sun permeating everything. Not a distinct sun, as in our sun, just Sun. What was being demonstrated was the ever present exchange of information and energy. A two way process. Always happening. All of that data is there if we choose to access it.
This is happening between you and the plants in your bedroom, the crystals in your office, and the trees in your garden. It takes place between the stars out there in the Universe, as well as our local sun and the planets relatively close to.

I was knew in this brief experience, lasting just a few minutes, that there were many levels of energy and sensitivity to explore. A whole Universe in fact. DNA is a super conductor of light, data, information, technology. It is a portal into other dimensions, times and worlds. Our body, totally vital at one level, at others is completely irrelevant. We are the space that holds all of that and much, much more.

In this teleconference we are going to explore DNA, take some time to really be with it, knowing that our focus of attention acts like an amplifying and quickening agent, awakening and activating potentials simply by bring presence to bear.

Inner and outer are one. There is no difference. This was a reality that was strongly impressed upon me in February last year at the very end of a journey to Egypt. It’s important that enough come to understand and make that realisation on this planet. It acts like a stabilising force. At individual levels, we collapse space and time, we transform light and energy into matter. This happens within us, all of the time. Taking some time to consciously experience ourselves at that level is valuable. At different scales, the planet is that too, a cell in a vast body of creation. This can’t really be understood by the intellect. It can be recognised by our inner-tuition. Let’s dive on in.