Eclipse Preparation. Cosmic Self Embodiment and the Codes of Kingship.



The energies are certainly building as we move closer to the eclipse on Monday. As the energies move into our field and physical body, they clear whatever we are ready to let go of, and push us to go deeper still, to have more willingness to empty out. The scale of what is unfolding, what is on offer is breathtaking. Taking time to be with and integrate the energies flowing is important now. Six or seven minutes a few times a day, given over to sitting quietly and opening to receive is so helpful. It gives free access to your system, allows the energy to penetrate deep and do its work. It also stops the build up of energy which quickly feels like pressure and can start to spin us into a loop. It helps us to remember that we are an intimate part of this event. It isn’t happening to us, it is unfolding in us, and it is what we came for.

This piece of collective energy work is offered to help unwind some patterning, and to integrate the intense energies we are experiencing now.

From collective depths, our cosmic self is emerging, blinking into the light of this reality. This profound integration happening for many can feel bewildering. It forces the issue of authority to the surface, both at a personal and planetary level.

Over the past few days I have been moved through some major shifts that I know are working in the collective fields too. Resistance has been a hallmark my life. My resistance almost killed me. Over the years, of course I have worked through many layers and levels of this. Over a 24hr period, Sunday and Monday, an inner core of resistance collapsed without my participation. I hadn’t even been particularly aware of it. I experienced a level of profound surrender to God. That’s not a word I use often at all, but it was the word that came out of my mouth repeatedly as this was unfolding. There was a depth of letting go and inner alignment that felt so comfortable and deeply relaxed it took me totally by surprise.

Over the following days, I have felt an immersion in and connection to the landscape of this country in a way I have not experienced before. It’s as if I have been intertwined with the energy lines in the land, and there is no separation. Many are now having this experience with landscapes, and the earth. It’s how we used to live.

Along with this has been a feeling of the brutality of kings and lords, leadership gone astray. This dark, confused encoding  has been embedded into the landscape of this United Kingdom, by many hundreds of years of tyrannical rule. It is lifting now. I watched as its tangle of energy rose out of landscape meridians, allowing gold light to stream in.

This little country had such an impact across the globe. It exported its wounds and its leadership styles across the planet. This energy of abusive authority, that creates massive undercurrents of resistance and hatred, is lifting now, dissolving under the tidal wave of incoming light. Its dissolving in the landscape, it is dissolving in us. We all have a massive relationship with abusive authority. We have been victim to it, and perpetrator of it. The stepping into inner authority requires the dissolution of this history, this polarised state so we can claim inner Kingship. This is what is happening now.

Sovereignty is blossoming.

We will work with all of this and more as preparation for the Solar Eclipse on the 8th.

The recording of this event will be available shortly after we finish and holds all of the encoded energy. It will be helpful preparation for the eclipse.

*Because I’m offering two events close together, I am dropping the price of both a little to make them a bit more easily available