Eclipse Season. The Fully Opened Heart.



As I sit to write this, early in the morning of Friday 19th November, we are deep in the eclipse energies. There is currently an almost full eclipse of the full “Beaver” moon playing out across the planet. It’s a Taurus/ Scorpio eclipse.

Stephanie Austin, in her excellent EcoAstrology update tells us,

“Lunar eclipses especially impact our emotional body, increasing awareness of suppressed feelings and needs.

Full moons illuminate two opposing archetypes, with Taurus and Scorpio being particularly challenging for western civilizations. The Judeo-Christian doctrine of the Fall, which separates Heaven from Earth, spirit from matter, along with Cartesian dualism which disconnects mind from body and humankind from Nature, has brought humanity to the brink of self-extinction.”

Over the next couple of weeks we are held in a field, a portal if you like, which comes to a close with the full solar eclipse on Saturday December 4th. This takes place in Sagittarius..

I’m not an astrologer, so I won’t go into detail. I’ll just talk about what I know from my own experience.

As we all become more sensitised, we feel more intensely the energies of the cosmos as they impact our planet and us at an individual level. This plays out often in dreams, and our emotional world. Things will get bought to a head over the coming weeks, both collectively and personally.

One of the major themes playing out is the saviour archetype. It’s is definitely time to let go of identities that propels you to rescue others or save the planet. There is nothing and no one to save.

We are eternal beings, playing out the most stupendous game here in this earthly realm. We are not super heroes, invincible and untouchable. We are subject to the energies playing out across the planet and need to take good care of ourselves, and our bodies.

Yes, of course we exist in many dimensions and we are engaged in bringing those dimensions of energy here, grounding them for the planet. Aspects of us that exist across the universe are coming on line here too as they integrate us into wholeness. It’s important to remember that, but also to recognise your limitations.

So over the coming days and weeks work with the energies of this eclipse season. Let it help you to dismantle what needs to come to rest and resolution within you. Im aware that it is very difficult now to talk to people about experiences outside of their understanding. No point at all in attempting to persuade others of a point of view that seems alarm to them. Those that want your help and support will come, but it feels almost as if we are locking in to the result of our choices now. People mind set is becoming fixed, possibly by fear and the mesmerising quality of the programming onslaught we are subjected to. There is still wiggle room, but don’t waste your time and energy where it isn’t wanted. Focus deeply on your own path, and what needs to be done there to come into ever greater alignment.

Everything we do on the path of greater awareness is about dissolving the ego, the separate identity that tells us stories of lack and loss, aloneness, division and competition.

Years ago, I was told that it is entirely possible and necessary to create my own personal economy. This was in  reference to money in particular. I’m very aware of that at every level of life now. It is very important for us to create our own energetic economies, so we exist in our own world, not disconnected and separate from the whole, more “in the world, but not of it.”

Shifting our energetic allegiance, so we are not plugged into 3d reality as our source, strength and support. Rather we are illumined and full-filled by vast reseviors of grace in other dimensions.

We are all immersed in the planetary sea of energy. It feels pretty murk at the moment, but a lot of this is manufactured. Human beings are energy modulators. When you can control how millions, billions are thinking and feeling, you get to dictate the energetic weather patterns of the planet.

Be very aware that as individuals we do have the power to create our own energetic weather pattern. The earth and the heavens are drenching us in supremely beautiful energies. Yes, they can be challenging. Yes they bring our shit to the surface. That is to be celebrated. Welcome that and move through it with all of the support and grace available. Don’t get sucked into the collective doom and gloom playing out.

Remember that you are in charge of creating your own reality.

This eclipse season can help you with that, clearing the decks, taking deep into the subconscious, and helping you to  recognise your innate power to shape your world.

This teleconference will help you to access and anchor that in your life and your world.