Energy Work For Men. Heaven and Earth in the Heart. By Donation.



I was meditating yesterday and asking what, if anything I could offer for a gathering of men. This is what immediately came up. I was surprised as it is a very basic meditative protocol.

It is the simple, yet totally profound energetic connection from core of the earth to the heart centre, then out to heart of the sun, bringing that back in to the heart. We have all done this a thousand times. In effect, we are being invited to go back to basics.

I was led through the procedure, and quickly understood that to do this as a piece of energy work is a truly profound movement. Most of us will have experienced this as the fundamental way of connecting. Entering into it from the perspective of energy work takes it to a totally different level.

We will walk through the process slowly, allowing the energies time to work, open, clear and integrate. We will take time to work through the pelvis, and build the connection of the genitals with the heart. This in itself is a significant and deeply healing piece of energy ¬†work. It can’t be forced but space will be allowed for each in their own way and time to deepen their connectedness.

There is much that can be dissolved for our systems as we enter into a new age. Sometimes returning to things we have done often in the past, but meeting them in a new way brings a totally different perspective. I think that is what is available here with this simple offering.

This is by donation. If you are able to donate, please do. If not, then please accept it as a gift.