Energy Work For Men. Representing The Masculine Collective.



I was meditating on what to offer for this event. I was shown the following.

Create a field of high frequency potential, intending the deepest possible dismantling and dissolution of what is leaving along with the highest levels of integration and up levelling of what is arriving.

Then invite the gathered men to step into the possibility that they are representatives of the whole, The Masculine Collective. Then allow what wants to happen to unfold, trusting that each  will experience exactly what they need for themselves and as a part of what they carry for the masculine collective.

It’s very simple, very powerful and very effective. The act of stepping forward as representatives of the whole is a deeply empowering, stabilising move. It shifts us out of passivity, helplessness, impotence into a deep acknowledgement of the creative potential alive within each of us in every moment.

There will be time given to sharing experiences after if people wish.