Februarys Fire. A Free Offering


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Back at the beginning of the month, on the 2/2/22, I became aware of February as another huge portal, running through to the 22/2/22. It feels in one sense, fairly quiet and as if not much is happening, but make no mistake, just under the surface there is so much going on.

February can be a month of very deep purification and purging if we hop on board with that movement. It is happening all of the time, and as always it is best to move with the energies rather than against them. I am experiencing a conveyor belt type of activity in my field. A set of constructs will be moved to the surface from very deep. This happens quickly and smoothly. Then they are offered up. They release and fall away very easily and then it happens all over again. I’m not particularly involved in the process, other than feeling the effects of some of what is dismantling. As I write about this, I understand that it it’s possible for us to become portals for collective energies to move through, quite efficiently and smoothly. This is a part of what I am experiencing. If this is happening in your energy too, then detach from it as much as is possible. This allows energy to move swiftly and easily. It doesn’t need to be processed. You can ask that your field do this on “automatic pilot”, and that a portion of your fields resources are used on behalf of the collective. Always useful to be a conscious creator, with some degree of involvement.

Fire comes to our aid here and wants to be worked with. We worked with a very simple water ceremony over the new year event and many wrote about how powerful and beautiful that was for them. Here, we will do the same with fire.

We have worked with the fire of the sun before now, and this will be a part of what we do. We will also work with fire in the body, the fire in the earth, the fire of a candle and of course, link them all as the fire of creation within us and around us.

This fire has many uses, most obviously as a supreme agent off purification, but this is also a preparation. Working consciously with fire enables our system to hold more energy and light. It strengthens the body and energy field, and prepares us for ever the higher frequencies that are coming. The energy of the sun is ramping up dramatically. This is not stopping anytime soon. Working with fire is the best way to prepare the system. It also can burn away what is ready and what is feeling a little stubborn.

If you have any resistance to change, and if you are in a human body you will have, then fire can be your ally. It changes everything it touches. Often we are frightened of fire, with good reason. So consciously introducing fire as an element of creation, into our system, making friends with it, is a powerful thing to do.

There will be Dragons and salamanders, volcanoes and fire shamans and priests in attendance. The fire of the sun and the earth, subtly different, will be balanced within us. All of these ingredients are already showing up and preparing the field.

So if you are drawn to this simple fire ceremony then please take some time to consider what it is you are offering to the fire. Maybe write it down, on sheets of paper you are happy to burn. Also, have a candle, or two, or three to hand for the teleconference. Nothing better than a physical representation of what we are working with.

As always, the recording will hold just about all of the energy of the live event, so if the timing doesn’t work, no worries, just access the recording.