Fireside Chat, Upgrades and Expansion.



Yesterday, a continual feeling that I should sit at a fire nagged away at me. In the evening, I gathered up some wood and cardboard and took it to the top of the garden. I made up a fire in the large metal forest I have, and then I left it until darkness had set the scene. Once the fire was made, I could feel the energy shift. A space opened up. I was engaged. I had prepared, and so the energy could begin to work.
By eight o’clock it was dark, and the impulse to go to the fire was strong. I took a torch and a lighter and the dog, and went and sat by the prepared mound of dry leaves, card and firewood. I dropped into meditation, but not for long. The energy was insistent. LIGHT THE FIRE. Within seconds the leaves were burning and thick white smoke rose into the still night air. I watched as kindling caught, and bigger pieces of wood began to blacken and smoulder. The smoke died down.
Already I could feel my field begin to shift. I put more wood on the fire and closed my eyes.
I’m not one for big ceremonies, but lighting a fire is one that I enjoy. I thank the trees for the wood, and extend gratitude to the space I am in. I Invite the nature spirits and fire beings, all the guides and connect deeply with Higher Self.
I didn’t even get as far as asking what was up, before I felt the fire pulling my energy field in. Closing my eyes, I had the sense of layers of energy, lifetimes, being drawn out of me into the flames. My field telescoped into the fire, and I felt I was looking at the flames from a long way away, down a tunnel.
It was the strangest sensation. Swirling and unwinding sometimes, pulling and unlocking at others. It was very quick. There was an urgency about the dismantling that was taking place.
After about half an hour, everything became still. I sat for a while and then asked if there was anything else needing to happen.
“Give your heart to the fire.” was the immediate response.
As I was considering that, wondering how, I experienced myself as a man and a woman, together, a couple.They lovingly handed the body of their stillborn child into the flames. The stillborn was my heart. It was such a surprising, but at the same time perfectly natural thing to be witnessing/experiencing. I wept briefly, sharply, for maybe 20 seconds, without knowing what I wept for. Then it was done.
I stayed, burnt through all of the wood I had gathered, about 2 hrs all told.
The simple ceremony was a deep purge, and emptying out.  Maybe it needed to be done before the new moon, and that was the urgency. I’m not sure. It was profound and moving.
I think many of us have recently experience the coming together of masculine and feminine energies within. For something new to be born, what is dead has to be let go, given away.  Over the past weeks, since the Lions Gate and the deeply penetrating influxes we experienced then and since, our lives are being transformed. We are shedding layers and levels in a way I have never seen or experienced before.
The Equinox on 23rd is going to be monumental, and we are being moved into position in order to best take advantage of this huge opportunity.
This week, I have also been made aware of some very beautiful upgrades that are happening, particularly to the heart, High heart, throat and brow centres. I’ll write more about these in a day or two, but we will work with all of this on Sundays teleconference.
This will feature the energy of fire as a centre point. we will gather and see what it is that wants to be drawn into the flames. I think we might all be in for some surprises.
Then we will work with the upgrades.
As usual, none of this is dependent on me. I would encourage you to create a personal ceremony, light a fire, do this for yourself.  Nothing replaces what it is we do for ourselves. Nothing is more important than that. My offerings are designed to support, encourage and maybe inform, but it is always my own perspective and experience I talk about. There are many.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash