Free 12/12 Gateway Teleconference.



This 12/12 gateway is a time of completion. It takes us into the December Solstice and deepens the intensity we are already experiencing. It is a time of wrapping up, and closure. You may well be experiencing the re-appearance of many things you felt you had dealt with. The re-visiting of old patterns and wounds and belief systems at more fundamental levels.

The energy since the Equinox all the way back toward the end of September, and the eclipses in October has dug incredibly deep, bringing us to the depths of ourselves, and into this phase. Everything is perfectly, cosmically, comically timed. Expect the intensity to notch up even further as we head to the Solstice, which takes place early in the morning of the 22nd here in the Europe, on the 21st in the U.S.

In this free offering we will, as always, set the field for maximum expansion and support. Also, we will offer ourselves at every level for completion. This cant be done as a simple excercise. The Universe can only take us as and where we are, but a sincere offering of self will ensure we are as open as is possible to the fierce energies of transformation this season offers.

On Sunday I offered a teleconference,
Support in Times of Intensity, where one of the main themes of exploration and clearing was the issue of lack. We invited the energy working with us to move deep into the huge collective belief around lack, both internally and extrernally. I woke the next day, plunged deep into the next octave of that pattern, inadequacy.

We feel inadequate because we are separate, from Source, ourselves, each other, the earth. We build experiences that confirm inadequacy, imprinting it deep in our psyche and cell tissue. So, I spent a couple of hours exploring inadequacy. Not a cerebral thinking process, but an every cell, felt experience. I love when I can really feel and see how the patterning builds from other times and places in to this life, and childhood experience sets the template for what is on the menu. I could feel the tension in all of my body, of something I have striven to hide, heal, overcome, deny, evade, and there it was, an ever-present  backdrop to this life. Perhaps to many lives. Clear and bright, emerging from cellular anchoring as it emptied from my system.

We are wrapping up and completing on the Old Paradigm. This is happening now as a collective. We are moving through and recognising as false, fundamental belief systems and patterning that have been hallmarks of the time of separation that we are leaving. Lack and inadequacy are building blocks of the old paradigm, along with many other patterns that are now lifting out of our structure.

Don’t panic if you don’t feel ready. Don’t fall into the trap of believing you will be left behind. This process isn’t a moment in time, it is a period of time. You will find you have ample time and powerful support to complete what you need to.

The 12/12 this year is also a new moon reminding us that the other aspect of completion is  new beginnings. This one in Sagittarius.

Stephanie Austin of tells us in her excellent New Moon Report,

“The constellation of Sagittarius literally points towards the heart of the Milky Way galaxy, which continually broadcasts immense amounts of gamma, x-ray, infrared, and radio waves that affect the Earth and all its inhabitants. When any celestial body aligns with the Galactic Center (GC) at 27º11’ Sagittarius, it focalizes those transmissions, providing extra support for remembering our cosmic origins, divinity, and destiny.”

We are remembering. As we slough off the old and experience ourselves emerging from under the wreckage of an outmoded system, we will begin to build a world from a very different perspective. energy goes before matter, so as we work in the energetic realms, the physical world lags behind. Next year is going to look quite crazy as things really begin to break down, but it will be the beginning of something new.

Photo by Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash