I was sure I wasn’t offering a teleconference today, but as soon as I wake up, I become aware that a teleconference is right there, wanting to happen. So, apologies for the late notice.
As I lay in bed this morning I was so struck by the gentle but insistent energy of support wanting to be made available. It is here for us, all of the time, and especially when we can’t seem to feel it.
So on this teleconference we focus on the support that is on offer in these extremely intense times. So much of our deep personal and collective patterning and wounding is falling away now. That can feel like a very confusing and messy process. As big structures break away from their mooring in our personal and collective field, it is easy to feel totally swamped by the old energy collapsing, and believe it to be real. It is easy to move into the
“I’m under attack” mode, baton down the hatches and slip into unconscious resistance. Pay attention to that tendency and be present to the fact that all of this is happening as the most beautiful support for our remembering who and what we are. The old energies are collapsing and dying. They do not need anything from us other than space and willingness to let go.
Huge tranches of belief are opening up and falling away. Worth, money, competition and lack are big pieces moving through the collective now. I was shown how the physical substance of money has been anciently laced with an energy of lack, so it feels like there can never be enough. It actually stimulates hunger. We have integrated the programme of lack, and its bedfellow, competition, as a significant aspect of life on this planet. It is time to move through that and let it go. There is huge support for this.
The deeper, stronger current flowing is the pull into the realisation of wholeness. Allowing this truth to emerge from under the wreckage of energies colliding and collapsing in our systems and out in the world.

On this teleconference we will build the field with the amazing levels of support available at the moment. Then we will simply allow the field to do its work. As we show up to the higher dimensions of light both within and around us, the process of dissolution is massively eased and speeded. The support will be for that, but also, and mostly for the strengthening of the inner core of light that is steadily, rapidly building in all of us. As the old paradigm falls away, what has always been emerges and reveals itself.

This process is amplifying itself strongly now as we are in the window of the 12/12 gateway which takes us through to the Solstice early in the morning of the 22nd in Europe, evening of 21st in the USA.

This is a window of completion for the collective. Not that we have to be complete in our individual process. We all have our own schedule to follow and are dotted all over the timeline, so no panic needed, but the collective shift that will take place around the Solstice and in the days following is going to be impressive to say the least, and signals may things, completion of significant phase being one of them.

As I write this, I am very aware of the Star Family Collective weaving energy through into the words. I experience this as a subtle beam of light aimed directly at my DNA, which takes that light as both activation and transmission. The incoming light looks to be strengthening, cleaning and  “repairing” DNA, weaving frayed aspects of it back into wholeness and integration

It is important to them to be able to transmit this level of support, but also important for us to give time to the conscious receiving of it. This strengthens it for everyone.

It appears as energy and support coming in from outside. It is actually emerging from within us.

To join me for this teleconference, please use this link.

Sending you much love,