Free Pre Lions Gate Attunement.



We are deep into The Lions gate Energies now and I am moved to offer a free tune up, tune in on the eve of the actual event itself. This will be a very simple process to help us make the most of the massive energetic influxes coming our way. It also helps us to empower the human collective. As a group, co-creating a world wide field, we have an influence that we may never be completely aware of, but its impact is felt deeply.

On this call, we position ourselves energetically to invite into our bodies the highest and most powerful transformational energies. There are many streams at play here, including Sirius light flows, our local sun, the Lion Headed beings and the White Lions. Also our star families join with us. we will anchor all of these ahead of time, so making the

Taking some time to prepare ourselves is the run up to the actual peak alignment on Monday 8th, helps us to clear our space. Much is being pushed to the surface within us and this opportunity to wash our fields through will enhance our capacity to receive.

We will take time for the enormous teams of support to really work with us, making adjustments, dismantling what is releasing and building the architecture of our light field.

These extreme times of our collective transformation invite us all to step forward and become our True Self. We may not have a clear idea of how that looks, or any idea how to go about that, and that is totally OK. Giving time and space to the higher dimensions of Us is important. They do know how that looks and how to proceed.

In events like this, and personal meditations we are created anew. Refashioned in ways we couldn’t imagine. This is how we change the world.


I hope you will join me.