Fundamentals. Connecting With The Sun. A Free Meditation.



This is the 3rd of the Fundamentals Series of guided meditations I am offering. All will be available free on a page on my website soon.

The Sun is the giver of life and light in this sector of our Universe. Everything revolves around the sun. Our ancestors recognised this and the Sun was a vital and important part of  every cultures spirituality and mythology. As we have developed as rational and scientific beings we have moved away from these ideas of the sun at the centre of everything. Things are shifting once again, and many of us recognise the importance of the sun oil our lives and in the process of opening up and remembering who we truly are.,

This aspect of connecting with aspects of creation is a profound piece of energy work in its own right. The sun is a deeply nurturing, energising, illuminating source of wisdom and insight. Its warming light coming into the body literally helps to open up areas that have been closed or frozen. It shines its light on issues and helps us to gain clarity.

We are in a time of very much increased solar activity. This activity is bombarding the planet with encoded light, streams of intelligence and information that are designed to speed and amplify our evolution. It is totally possible to develop a personal and intimate relationship with the sun. This meditation with show you how, or help deepen the relationship you already have.