Fundamentals. Grounding Into Our Core.



The second of The Fundamentals series, which are free meditations in order to create a new page for my website.

This one focuses on grounding. We no longer need to send out roots into the earth. The collective energy has shifted, and we aren’t in the place of deep separation that we were. Now, it is easier to be at the core of the earth, and rest there as a way of stabilising energy and expanding into vaster states. This leads us quickly into our core, where it becomes more important and productive for us to focus.

We recognise out core is everything, the whole universe can be accessed from within. This has of course always been, but now it is a much more solidly realised state, easier for many to access.

This simple but profound meditation helps bring stability in turbulent times. It allows us to accept and make sense of our lives in a body and on this planet.