As is often the case, a few seemingly different themes are meeting in my awareness, and show me how they are interrelated. I am in Wales, the town of my birth. It seems that every time I return here, I have a powerful integration. I certainly fall into love with the land a little more deeply. This visit, I wasn’t intending to be spending time in the landscape. I had a lot of work I wanted to do and that was to be my focus. On my second day here, I was driving home from the beach and glanced at the view from the high point across  to the hills in the north the county. Under them I saw the image of a sleeping dragon, and I knew immediately that I was being called to pay a visit.
So, the next day I drove the thirty miles across the county to the Preseli Hills. This is a rugged landscape, very beautiful, harsh, and so silent. Stones from this landscape were transported across hundreds of miles to form part of the Stonehenge complex.
I climbed into the hills to what was reputed to have been an ancient fort, and took in the sweeping views. The land rolls down to the sea, which can be seen on either side. On this day the clouds were low and frequently obscured any view at all, closing everything in and wrapping the hill top in deep mist.
I sat to meditate. Immediately, I was aware of two huge landscape angels, tall and glowing gold. They extended my energy field up into the heavens, and I watched as they formed golden spheres of energy and flowed them into the central energetic column running through me, deep into the land. This went on for a few minutes and felt extrodinary, and totally natural at the same time.
As they finished, I was told to call in Merlin and Pan and walk with them across to the next high point. There again, I sat to meditate, facing a different direction. I simply merged with the stones I was sitting amongst, and became one with the landscape. A simple experience, but one that felt so profound. There was no separation between me and the land. Just for a couple of minutes. Then my mind piped up and started commenting, and the experience, like the mist, dissolved and was gone. I heard the words, “You are a part of this land and this land is a part of you.”
I knew that whatever I was there to experience was done, and I walked back down through this magical landscape to the car, feeling altered and entranced.
Later that evening, warm and comfortable, I experienced my energy field expand out across the landscape and again felt a merging take place. Not the same. It just rolled out from where I was and embraced the land. Writing this I am aware for the first time, that a marriage has taken place.
Growing up here, I wasn’t happy and couldn’t wait to get away. Every time I came back I would feel depressed. Being here triggered my painful past. Over the past five years or so, that has changed, and I have felt myself falling deeper and deeper under the spell of the land here. It has a mystical, magical quality. I have fallen under its spell, more and more deeply. Now, when I return, I always find I am considering moving back, buying a little house and making this my home. As I get busy on property websites I know deep inside that it isn’t time. Maybe it never will be. I am in the right place for me at the moment, 300 miles across the country, in a very different, beautiful landscape.
Years ago, meditating on Hampstead heath, I was told, “You need to give your heart to the earth.” I tried dropping deep into her, and offering my heart. It didn’t feel real.
Now, it has happened, in a subtle, quiet way, that I couldn’t have engineered or visualised. I have fallen in love with the land. I realise I have given her my heart. I know that this will alter everything. I can feel the axis of my life shifting, and I don’t know what that means. I don’t need to know. I feel deeply held and trust that I will know as I need to.
Something i do know is that we are being initiated back into a deep relationship with the land. The veils of separation are dissolving rapidly, and we are being invited into a communion with the land in a way that hasn’t been available collectively for thousands of years.
There is another layer of scar tissue that is rising out of our collective system. It is the rooting patterns and beliefs of the paradigm of separation and patriarchy. It is emerging from deep in our skeleton as we all shake off the density of what we have lived over the past 10,000 years. I will write more about this in the coming days, as it is an important piece in our initiation process.