Integrating Luminous Aspects. 90 mins.



Over the past few days I have had a recurring image playing out in my mind. It is of broad, strong columns of light pouring down and penetrating a field off density. The field of density is soft, squishy almost. Fluid and slowly moving, murky. In the areas where the columns penetrate it, if is brightening considerably and quickly.

What if, thousands of years ago, when we collectively decided on a journey through density, we understood what that would mean. We knew we would have to experience a massive disconnect from our Luminous Self. We would be left wandering, seemingly alone in this world of separation and duality.

What if, over time, hundreds or thousands of years, we mythologised these luminous aspects of our selves, made them into figures of myth and legend, fairy tale and fable. We gave them names like Archangel Michael, Merlin, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, Isis, and projected our highest qualities and attributes onto them, keeping them forever out of reach, in other worlds and dimensions.

What if we created systems, treatises and laws based on keeping this seemingly tenuous contact alive and strengthening it.

What if over time we learned to reach out, ask for help, prey, beseach, implore these Luminous Ones for guidance, intervention, support and assistance. What if we could sometimes feel their presence, or see them, but never could we believe they were us. Our self image had become so mired in illusion and density that we believed the worst about ourselves, we believes ourselves to be lowly, insignificant, often worthless beings, barley able to accept the assistance offered from these other dimensions.

What if the exploration of density always had an end point, and that end point is now. We are in it. What if the whole field of illusion is dissolving quickly now. The experiment is over. What if we are ready to reconnect these luminous aspects of self, AS OURSELF.

I’m having these experiences now. Over the past few days, there has been a reconnection and an explanation landing in my field. It is surprising to say the least. It came at a point when internal confusion was intense, and it cut through that confusion instantly. Silenced it.

Join me for this exploration and integration process. It will  be a little longer than usual, probably running to 90 mins. We will have some time for any questions or sharing of experience. Sometimes just becoming aware of the possibility will allow it to happen.



Image by Daniel Holeman