Integrating The Energy of The Green Comet.




The green comet currently visible in our neighbourhood, passing through the inner solar system, was last present during the stone age over 50,000 years ago. It was at its closest to the earth, a mere 42 million km away, a couple of day ago. A reaction between solar radiation and diatomic carbon is what gives it the green colour and it will still be visible for a couple more days before it passes out of range. No matter if you managed to actually see it or not, its energy will have been felt.

Significantly, the comets tail was pinched off by a strong coronal mass ejection from our sun. This means that the vaporised ice and dust streaming behind the comets body, will scatter itself across our solar system. This feels particularly appt. Every time I have turned my attention towards it, I have received a shower of energy, literally like being sprinkled with stardust.

Astrologically, comets are seen as harbingers of change. Some view them as good omens, some as a negative influence. There was a comet in the sky around the time when William of Normandy invaded this island and killed the sitting King, Harold. It was  certainly an unlucky omen for Harold but, very positive for William and his noblemen. There followed massive change with a total overthrow of the established heirarchy.

How does this comet feel to you? Its energy has been strongly present now for a couple of weeks, particularly this week as it has become visible. If you haven’t already, try turning your attention heavenward toward the comet and invite its energy in. What do you experience if you do that?

The last time the comet was in our solar system glaciers were melting, temperatures and sea levels were rising. Massive global warming was taking place. Of course that happened over a long period, but we have no precise dates from back then to measure against, just vague epochal timelines.

Apparently, around 50,000 years ago, one mongrel species of human emerged from the pack of many and began to dominate, taking over the world. There was a huge upsurge of human culture going on in many places at once.

This comet feels to me like a major signifier of the huge change we are engaged with and which is about to get very real indeed. I think the change is largely very positive but it may well be seen as destructive.

Many are seeing the green colour as significant. a powerful connection with the cosmic heart, and renewal of nature and our relationship with the earth.

It’s timing certainly feels special. It arrives in visible form on Imbolc, St Bridgids Day, traditionally the beginning of spring. As I have experienced the dust of the comet settling in my field and across the earth, I have felt the “new realities seeding”, a new Spring dawning for humanity.

I have witnessed the comet in the energy field of clients too, opening up new realities for them bringing into alignment aspects and dimensions that have been our of bounds for thousands of years. As this alignment solidifies, it opens up a strong new flow of energy right through the timeline of the individual, connecting many deep fields of wisdom and bringing them into play in our creative worlds.

This all sits beautifully, strengthening and supporting the other recent work we have been involved with, like integrating the Solar Disk, which is all about creating new realities. I feel the level of support and encouragement available to us at the moment is completely off the charts.

I am totally inspired by the energy of this cosmic visitor and am offering a teleconference to explore and integrate its energies. As always this will be both personal and collective energy work, and the recording means the teleconference is available to you regardless of timing of the live event.