July’s Container of Transformation.



There is no charge for this teleconference. If you wish to make a donation, Im very grateful.

So, we have entered July, and there is no let up in intensity. There is an opportunity available here to offer everything up for transformation. The old world is dead, the new is formatting itself right now. I am very aware that I can carry nothing forward that isn’t appropriate.
The energies of July form a container. Ive never seen this before, where a whole month is offered as a huge space of disintegration and repurposing.
We don’t have to take up the invitation, or can take it at whatever level we wish, to whatever depth we want. Im being urged to dive right on in.
It’s been made clear to me since the Solstice that I need to stop what I am doing, and give myself whole heartedly to this process. I thought a couple of weeks would do it, but no, it needs to be a bigger break. So after this evening, I am stopping work until I know I’m out the other side. Nom idea when that will be, which feels a little scary, but the not knowing is always an important part of entering the process.
Todays call will set up this container for each of us in a very personal way.
I’ll talk about some of the experiences I have had that shine a spotlight on this time as being such an important point for the planet, and we will as always work with the energies available for ourselves and the wider collective.
I know fro reading other peoples posts that this theme is up for many at the moment. We each have our own ways of dealing with these energies, but surrender is a key element of the evolutionary process and this is being highlighted for me.
I was told this in meditation the other evening as I began to realise the depth of the invitation on offer.

“Surrender to the vastness of change and transformation that awaits you. From your human perspective you can’t envisage the enormity and scale of what is available. Getting off the merry-go-round of your life for a while, where you are engaged in habitual actions and responses allows the energies top work very deeply and very thoroughly with you. Space is created so what is no longer vital to you life can fall away, and what is being activated can be uncovered and elevated. This time is precious. Make use of it. Make use of the support available. You do not do this alone, ever.”

There will be no charge for this teleconference. I am asking you to register in  the usual way. Donations are very gratefully received.
The energies of this month form a container that will hold us. it is up too us to activate and participate with these energies of fiery transformation. This teleconference and the energy work we engage in will enable that.

As always, if you cant make it live, you can listen to the replay. The link for that will be sent to all registrants soon after the teleconference ends.
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Sending everyone much love,



Artwork by Daniel Holeman