June Solstice 2023.



We are in the week of the solstice. The Solstices are the biggest Solar event of the year, and each year seem to become more potent and packed with energy and significance. Part of this is that many more people align with these big solar events now. This has grown massively over the years, and its beautiful to see that we are fulfilling one of our ancient roles as “Bringers of Light”. We used to align with these events in temples all over the planet. Now we create planetary temple fields that ground light for the wider collective, sowing seeds and codes across the world.

As usual, I am offering a gathering to take advantage of the highest energies, right at the moment of the solstice itself, which this June is at 3.57 pm UK.  We are also, taken advantage of during this time. I mean by that, that the sun uses us as channels to pour light onto and into the planet. As more and more of us gather at these times, that impact grows stronger and stronger.

we’ll begin at 3.20pm UK, so we are fully” in position”, and we will drop into silence over the actual time of the solstice.

This is another momentous moment for the collective.  A huge gear shift. Stepping out of the patterns of limitation we have been wrapped in for so long, and remembering the deep truth of our being.

I’ll write more as we get closer, but I hope you’ll join me as we come together for this beautiful, powerful  solar offering.