Lions Gate 2023.



Lions Gate is here once more. More and more energy every year gets focused into this event, which automatically amplifies the energy and transformational potential.

We are bathed in the powerful energies of Sirius at this time, which has a deep evolutionary significance for us on this planet. Many of us have experience of this star system, incarnating in and through it before coming here. So the connection is not simply a stream of starlight landing on the planet,  but a major opening at a cellular and genetic level.

Our unique human ability to anchor energy through us from the cosmos deep into the planet means that we are great makers of change. Our willingness to come into alignment and offer ourselves is important, particularly when millions around the world will be participating together, over the same time period. This enables huge influxes of light to penetrate into collective consciousness, speeding the awakening of the whole of humanity.

At this time the potential for us to open to much deeper levels of our being is very available. The penetration of light into our individual and collective beings is fundamental in this process. We are unearthing ourselves and as we do this individually then the whole collective is taken deeper. New potential open, energetic pathways come alive and portions of the brain that have lain dormant, begin to light up, giving us capacities undreamed of.

On this call we will be working with the Lion Headed Beings, Solar Angels and Sirian councils to anchor energies deep into our cellular structure sand energetic foundation, and so within the heart of the earth.

The transmission will last about an hour.