March Equinox 2022.




The Equinox points are a time of roughly equal day and night across the planet. A beautiful synchronised demonstration of the perpetual balance of nature and the Cosmos. Even when things seem so out of balance, it is possible to recognise that we move through a wave, and at there micro level what feels out of balance is at a macro level simply a stage in the perpetual flow of Universal rhythm.

We at an individual level are as much a part of that flow, the infinite dance, as the planet, solar system or Galaxy. These punctuation points in the yearly circuit of our sun serve to remind us of that. They can bring us back to the simple relationship that exists between us, our planet and the sun.

Of course, at that micro level, we find ourselves at a point on the wave where we experience extraordinary influxes of awakening, encoded light through the sun. This fierce energy helps to strip us down, releasing us quickly from the straight jacket of conditioning we have believed to be true.

At the Equinox points this light frequency is particularly strong, particularly penetrating. The magnetic field of the earth weakens and allows more cosmic radiation in. It’s useful to pay attention to that and bathe in those energies, welcome them in at the deepest levels possible, knowing there is always more to be revealed, unearthed, tuned up and irradiated.

I always offer a teleconference over the precise time of the Equinox. The coming one is actually at 3.33pm UK, on Sunday 20th March. We will begin at 3.000pm And drop into silence for the 10 mins or so around the actual moment.

On these teleconferences we gather together, creating temple-like fields of energy that amplify the frequencies, and make ourselves fully available to the influxes and downloads. It’s powerful.

We do this for ourselves and the planet, knowing that just as our ancestors built temples of stone across the earth designed to hold and strengthen these energies, then we build with our intention, willingness and hearts. We fulfilled our ancient role of grounding and streaming energy for the planet too.