March Equinox 2024.



Please note, U.S. clocks have sprung forward. Not in Europe yet, so our time difference has shrunk by an hour.

We are at the March Equinox of 2024. The Solstice and Equinox points are becoming more and more potent each year. A significantly greater number of people tune into them now, and the solar  and deep earth energies are amplifying exponentially.

As I meditate on the Equinox, I have the experience of the sun coming right in to the planets atmosphere, to touch, it actually feels like a kiss, the body of the earth. I really appreciate this image, as it is one of extreme gentleness. Often we experience the energies as super intense, so it helps me to see this as a beautifully moment that embodies and reminds us of the love of  creation.

Energetically speaking, the earth magnetic field weakens at these times of year, and allows more cosmic radiation and energy in. Millions around  the world are focused on the suns relationship with the earth at these times and so there certainly is a massive influx of light and energy.

This Equinox is followed closely by a partial lunar eclipse, and then on 8th a significant `solar eclipse that everyone is buzzing about. The equinox feels like a powerful doorway. What lies on the other side of that portal. No one knows for certain, but we are poised on the brink of major transformation.

The precise moment of this Equinox is 3.06am on the morning of 20th March in the Uk, so I will begin a teleconference at 2.30am to give us time to chat a bit and settle in before we spend a few minutes in silence over the actual time of the Equinox. The call will last maybe 50-60mins, and will be useful to listen to over the coming days as the energies will be flowing high and fast for a while.

So if you cant make the live event, then the recording will be available and sent out as soon as we have finished.