Post Eclipse Check In and Integration. Genetic Activation of Freedom and Divinity.



Because this is one of the eclipses series, the price is still at the lower level.

How are you? What is your experience since the major Solar Eclipse of 2014 moved through? How do you feel?Have you noticed any changes?

Writing this, it is four days since the eclipse. The build up of energy to the eclipse was massive. The day itself was quite extraordinary. I found that as we neared the day, integrations and resolutions, major pieces were just dropping into place, seamlessly, effortlessly. The day after, I woke feeling energised and deeply happy. Something had been completed.

By the afternoon I was tired, scratchy and irritable. The amount of energy available for integration has been on a vast scale. Tiredness to be expected.  Out walking the dog, I noticed that the sky looked “pregnant”. Enquiring about this later, I was shown that the atmosphere of the planet has absorbed an enormous amount of energy. It will integrate into the body of the earth and the body of humanity over the coming months. This will be part of the up levelling effect that we all get to witness in our lives.

As always, the intensity of incoming light will flush shadow to the surface. Both personally and collectively. This too is a necessary part of the up levelling effect. Allow yourself to experience the buoyancy available now. A huge amount of density has shifted. There is much more energy present underneath us, rising from the earth. It’s as if the eclipse has lifted a lot of the constraints placed upon us and our experience. We chose our pathway of density and separation and there were many ways in which energy was suppressed and denied within us and our world. Now many of those limitations have fallen away and will continue to do so as the energy integrates more and more deeply. One of the major ways I am noticing this is that the energy rising from deep in the earth has massively increased. Energy flowing through the earths meridians has increased in the same way.

This gathering will be a chance to check in, share stories, experiences and insights, and receive from the field, some deeply integrative energy work. I am very aware of roles and purpose for many are shifting. This has been happening for some time. Now it will be amplified. Not a time to hold on to any structure. Offer everything to the powerful currents of transformation.

We will also work with the energy of Comet Pons-Brooks which has been in the sky for weeks now. It has a 71yr orbit, and sweeps out deep into space gathering energy and information.  Always harbingers of change, bringing the energy of this celestial body into the field will amplify and strengthen our capacity to receive our own cosmic wisdom and understanding.