Post Solstice Check In, Q and A, Meditation.



How are you doing? It’s always a useful question to ask ourselves, especially after a big event. The Solstice was a big event. Life changing for many. New life paths are emerging as the old continues to fall away. A bit of stock taking serves us well, and helps our system to map itself for the coming months.

One of the major impacts of the Solstice was a huge, deep heart activation that, as well as being very beautiful, causes ripples to move throughout our lives, re-arranging everything in a new pattern of higher frequency. These energies take days to integrate and stabilise. Then they quickly become our new normal. It’s always important to give time and space too that integration process and what is revealed. As these big energies come in, realigning us, we are opened up to deeper levels of our being. More is revealed. It’s very much like the power of the sun penetrating much deeper into the ocean, revealing whole new landscapes and life forms. We are the ocean, exploring our own depths. I have been a little surprised by what comes to the surface after the influx we have just received. Often things we thought we had dealt with, and even technologies we thought we had removed come into view for another round of housekeeping.

So this teleconference is something that. it’s a bit of housekeeping. There will be a check in and Q and A. I really want to give the floor to you to see how you are doing, and find out what are your questions. I’m not for one minute thinking I have all the answers, but maybe someone will. The Field certainly will. So, we will check in with ourselves and each other. Give time and space for questions arising. We will also meditate and engage in energy work of course.

We will probably begin that with a focus on the heart, but your questions and offerings will influence what gets worked on and looked at. Certainly we will do a sweep through, clearing and releasing anything that has come to light after the Solstice. The housekeeping is important.

So, please take some time to consider how you have been over the past few days. Are there any questions arising that you might want to offer to the field of the teleconference? Have you had experiences you might like to share. Often our contributions help others, and when we share something of ourselves, we get to see and understand a new aspect of what happened.  More is revealed. It’s  magical, alchemical process.

If this works then a Q and A will become a regular offering.

I hope you’ll join me.