Pulling The Plug.



A powerful seeing this week has left me feeling incredibly positive about where we are and where we are heading, and the immensity of the task we are a part of.                       At the turn of the year, many felt it to be a pivotal time, and I was on board with that. What showed up this week, is in a sense the mechanics of that. Here’s what I saw.

During a meditation I watched the globe of the earth, totally submerged in water, held in a huge cosmic fish tank. The water was quite clear, not dirty. As I watch things like this on my inner screen, I’m always in a state of curiosity. “What am I seeing?”. “Why am I seeing this.” “What does this signify?” All of these are questions that my minds holds as I witness. Often a fleeting image, seen for a second or two, holds many layers of information that unpack themselves after.

Quickly it became evident that the water represented the dense energies the earth has been immersed in for thousands of years. As different layers of awareness unfold, I feel into what I ambling shown. Part of this is that many of us are at the bottom of the proverbial barrel in terms of clearing work that has taken place over many years. We are, collectively at the root of things and ready to  “pull the plug.”

This pulling of the plug is at once a personal thing, impacting us as individuals and happening in our own time. Because many are ready, or almost ready to do this, it is a collective thing too.

This means that the fish tank of dense energies the earth has been submerged in is beginning to empty out. This is happening now. It will take a while, and I heard the words,

“By the end of the year you will notice the difference. You think that these dense energies are your natural home, simply because you have been immersed in them for so long. They are not. You are going to be delighted as the old energies flow away and your natural buoyant state begins to assert itself once more.”

I then became aware of many dimensions of energy “above” us, waiting to integrate. Later it was also shown to me that there are dimensions of us held in the earth, ready and waiting too. The integration process is somewhat dependent on the emptying out, the flowing away of the dense energies. It will happen as we are ready.

We are on the cusp of shifting into a new experience of reality. Throughout the year, the energies are going to become lighter and lighter, higher and higher. As this takes place more and more of those energies waiting to integrate will be able to do so. It isn’t that they come to us, it is that as we decompress, our experience of self expands to contain and include these higher or deeper dimensions of light and wisdom fro which we have felt separate for so long.

This is our focus. Scrapping out the bottom of the barrel, and pulling the plug on the old dense energies we have been immersed in. All week long I have been held in my pelvis, as massive clearing takes place and currents of energy open i` hadn’t ever been aware of. Often what I am experiencing is breathtaking in its sheer scale. I’m very aware of this being collective work, as well as feeling it for myself.

Last week, we focused on opening to new, powerful flows of energy rising into us from the earth. This is very much a part of the clearing of the base and pelvis. Those strong inflows of light are speeding the emptying out that is happening at very deep levels now.

We will also open ourselves to receive energies that are ready to integrate for us.


Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash