Releasing The Past, Welcoming The New. A Two Part Event to welcome 2024



We will begin this his two part event over New Years Even and New Years day, with a look at how the very potent Solstice energies are landing for you. It feels to me that they are starting to settle in and create some space. Full integration is some way off yet, but so much has been turned over and released, so much new territory revealed that it strikes me as a very important opportunity to engage with the energies of transformation that are flowing through our reality and begin to give shape how we would like things to lay.

This is not to get particularly specific about what we want to create, or attempt to set things in stone. It is though, a wonderful time to consider the truly momentous year we have moved through and release it thoroughly, drawing the goodness and wisdom from the experience of the past 12 months. There will be a deeper consideration of identities and images we have used to construct our reality, and wether we want to carry those forward into the next phase of existence. The opportunity for major dismantling is still very present so we will make the most of it. We will focus on this process for much of the first gathering on New Years Eve.

On New Years Day, we will focus much more on what it is we are wanting to experience in our lives, as individuals and as a planetary collective. As I was meditating yesterday, I became aware of phenomenal energies wanting to engage with us over the coming months. We think we have already been through a massive process of change but we have barely got off the starting blocks. So much that wants to land in and for us hasn’t been able to because of timing and our level of energetic availability. Now, after this profound Solstice we are actually much more available to the aspects and data that is able to land or arise in our system. Time will be given to this, and the opening of new timelines that result.

It might not be appropriate to nail down specific details here, but more to align ourselves with the highest currents and possibilities available to flow through us.

The teleconferences will both be about 2hrs each. There will be time for a q and a session, and some sharing of experience as well as moving into deep and powerful energy work.

The field for this is already setting itself up. It amuses me. I wasn’t at all sure I would offer anything over the new year weekend. When I dropped in to check, the field was already active and building for the event and immediately, my personality, which was off, having its own little experience, was drawn into alignment with the bigger picture of events unfolding.

This level of awareness is strengthening in a significant way. The field that we are is becoming the dominant force in the lives of millions, as opposed to the personality/ego believing it is running the show. This will create a really potent shift, and is also something we will explore over this event.


Photo by BoliviaInteligente on Unsplash