Religious Persecution: The Inquisition.



It’s funny how things turn out.

The first ever teleconference, or group work that I conducted, in May of 2015, was on the deep scar the experience of the Inquisition and the burning of the witches has left in our collective psyche. Seven years on and it is presenting itself again.

The original teleconference is one of the very few that I no longer have the recording of. I have wondered for a while wether I should offer it again, from a wider perspective. It is still an active energy in our collective field and over the past few months the theme of Religious Persecution and the specific of the Inquisition has been nibbling away at the edges of my awareness. I kept pushing it away as I felt I had already covered that.

Then last night a friend did some dowsing for me. I have been a little under the weather and I asked hime to check some thing out for me.  What came up was Inquisitional torture. I was surprised, but as I took a look I found there was still in my field, remnants of that pattern creating dis-ease. I did some work with it last night, and this morning woke up with the energy of a teleconference front and centre. I wasn’t going to offer anything this weekend, as I wasn’t feeling great, so sorry for the short notice.

We have recently been through, and are still in a time where it is frighteningly easy to imagine a world that returns to high levels of persecution for stepping outside of applied societal norms. This raises a deep seated fear as we push against the bindings of control in order to explore, express and embody more and more of our multi-dimensionality. Many years ago, when I was first giving reading at the College of PsychicStudies in London, I was amazed at the number of women who displayed the scar of Inquisitional trauma in their field. I shouldn’t have been. This was a place dedicated to the opening of psychic abilities, something forcibly closed by the reign of terror of the Inquisition.

Further investigation revealed that I too had been tortured and burnt. Also, that I had been one of the torturers. In fact, it looked like I had been one of the cardinals creating the rules and guidelines for the persecution.

We ALWAYS play all sides of the field. This is important to recognise. Never are we just occupying  victim territory, we know the persecutor role very well too. If you look inside you will find these aspects at war within you. This continues until we do the work of balancing the polarities internally, and setting ourselves free.

The Inquisition as an organisation within the catholic church began in the 12th century and ran for hundreds of years. It gained immense power and had a huge impact across much of the world. It began as an office charged with rooting out heresy and is famed for the extreme cruelty of its methods of torture and the obvious lack of fairness in the legal trials.

Initially it was directed initially against Jews and Muslims. This shifted later and witchcraft came much more into focus. Women were the main target. It became a vicious asset stripping method, as the church claimed the land and property of the accused. A reign of terror ensued for many.

Women were forced, under the most brutal torture, to betray family and friends.Whole communities were terrorised. Ancient, nature based spiritual practices became a thing of terror. A massive and savage disconnect took place, at a collective level. We closed down already diminished capacities to connect to other dimensions, as even speaking of such things could lead to the worst sort of punishments.

Many thousands were executed, often after the most barbaric of tortures. All of this happened to a largely uneducated population, with no capacity to defend themselves. At that time very few could even read and write.

For this piece of collective energy work, we will look at the personal aspect. How this might impact us individually. As important though is the collective aspect of this. As I was asking this morning is it appropriate to offer this, my higher self, who is currently showing up as Merlin said the following.

You have no idea how much the terror of those times impacted you individually and collectively. The very subtle energetics required for transmission and receiving of truth were severely damaged. Almost the whole of the human family wanders round in a deep state of depression, thinking that current state is normal. Religions imposed rules and regulations, where even joyfulness and dancing were frowned upon, let alone a deep connection to your Inner Light. This is a true crime against humanity. The impacts are now ready to be fully released.”

As I listened to this I was very aware that we have been through many major upgrades and unveilings since February. We can speak and act on behalf of the human collective, on behalf of the Fields of Unity. We are holding much more power now, and are in a position to make a difference at collective levels, in a way not available to us for a very long time.

I saw the huge planetary angels aligning themselves to support a major clearing in the collective fields.

We will balance the polarities of victim/ tyrant /savior, in our own energy fields.

Release any deeply held patterns of trauma religious persecution or torture.

Integrate any aspects of self that went into hiding during those times.

Strengthen the connection with nature spirits and the nature god Pan.

Work with Planetary Angles to clear and balance collective trauma fields.

This will be a very potent piece of energy work. Check in with yourself to ensure that it resonates for you.

It will be a big help in a stronger alignment with Higher Self, receiving guidance and accepting and living  your own authority.


The image is of a French midwife burned in a cage filled with black cats.