Resist Nothing; opening our hearts to what is.



Back in 2001 I was emerging from the wreckage of a long spiral into addiction. I had stopped drinking and drugging toward the end of 2000, and was half-heartedly using 12 step programmes to support myself. All of the pain I had used drugs to avoid was coming to the surface, and I knew if I didn’t make some clear changes I would drink again, and the result would be death.
One evening toward the end of summer, I got on my knees and preyed. It was the first true act of surrender of my chaotic life.
“Please take me out of the way enough so You can work through me in the way You want to, rather than the way I want You to.”
It was a prayer to a force I then believed to be outside of myself, but it was a true payer, born of desperation and fear. I knew I needed help.
As I offered the simple words, I watched, bemused. I literally saw the prayer leave the top of my head, like an arrow shot into the heavens. I knew without a doubt that there would be an answer.
That night I dreamt of a towering black tornado ripping across the countryside. In the dream, I was a young child, walking toward the fast approaching storm in a complete state of trust.
I woke in that trust, and knew my prayer had invoked the power of the storm. It was coming fast, and I needed to hold my heart open and welcome what was heading in my direction.

Some weeks later, on this day in 2001, September 11th, I woke knowing I was unwell, and that whatever I was experiencing was the answer to my prayers. Later that day, laying on the sofa watching the twin towers collapse over and over on the TV, I was aware that my inner world, my life were collapsing in just the same way. In some strange way, inner and outer were one.
I was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, and medically speaking wasn’t expected to survive. The journey was exquisite. I was held in a bubble of energy, and guided every step of the way. I wasn’t always in a state of trust. I had the full range of emotions you might expect, but I was always returned to trust quickly.
There were many beautiful interventions from the world of spirit along the way. Once I made a decision to live, the cancer, which wasn’t responding to chemotherapy, disappeared very quickly.

I write about this now simply because I know that what I experienced 20 years ago, is a metaphor for what we are collectively going through now.
It’s been said so many times that we are in  a death process, with the old world falling away, kicking and struggling. It is dying though. It knows it is dying, that its days are numbered. The desperate attempts to hold on to power will get more desperate as the months go by. It will seem as if all is lost, that  there is no hope, that darkness has won, and yet…… will not be so.
We came here for this, knowing that each one of us volunteering to awaken in this nightmarish dreamscape, is a bright filament of light in encased in human flesh. We are connected to the Source of All Power, and we are glowing brighter each day  More and more are realising their own potential to be a source of light at this time. It will come out right. Watch. Trust.
There are things we can do to ease our passage at this time. They have always been the same. Now they are imperative.

  • Pay way more attention to your inner world than the outer.
  • Process you fear, and give time and attention to your energy field.
  • Hang out in nature. Bathe in its frequencies.
  • Let go of the news, and the manufactured drama that is spell-binding.
  • Hang out with like minded souls. In person or on-line.
  • Follow your guidance and listen to your heart.
  • Give up resisting. Recognise its a waste of energy. You are bigger that that which you resist. Enfold it. Bring it to rest within you. That way you disarm it.
  • Remember what you came here for. You are needed, and significant. You do make a difference.
  • Your frequency and energetic contribution is way more important than you realise. Operate from that level first.
  • All will be well, even if we have to wade through shit(more?), in the mean time.
  • You are eternal, and cannot be harmed, even if it appears to be so.
  • We are not alone in this. All of our Higher Aspects are with us.

On this teleconference, we will work with holding our heart open to everything. Embracing it all. There is huge power in this deceptively simple way. In the midst of the journey I talk about above,  Guidance said, “Resist nothing”. I was given instruction in that process that I have used ever since. It always makes a difference, even if that simply means I feel a little better, and it is never that simple. The energy of such an act is powerful beyond our understanding.

It is truly time to own that, to live from that place within us.