Shifting Timelines, Accessing Higher Dimensions.



We are in such a gift of a time. It is extreme, but opportunity is plentiful. The trick here is to stay focused on what is important. That is always the case, but now more so than ever. It seems to me that the eclipse season, which we are still feeling the energetic impact of, moved us into a totally different set of possibilities. So much of our personal history and identity was wiped out, deleted. It might be more accurate to say we were lifted out of it. There was and is a continual, profound emptying out at a cellular level, and of the data banks of our energy field. So, another trick of mastering this time is to daily give space to the emptying out process. You will probably find that the emptying out and the filling up with high frequency light go totally hand in hand.

Do you remember the scenes in the Harry Potter movies, where the stairways and walkways would all shift to create different connections and possibilities. Well this is how it feels to me right now. I keep being presented with that visual, and am told that we are now moving to higher timelines. I don’t know the physics or mechanics of that. But I do know what I am experiencing.

In sessions of energy work, I have witnessed distinct things, sometimes in the same session. Firstly, higher dimensional aspects of us are coming in to land. Nothing unusual in that. As an individual clears their history, then these high frequency aspects of us integrate. Not from out there in the cosmos, but from higher levels of our energy field where they have been hanging out, waiting, sometimes for many thousands of years. It’s happening with a level of almost urgency now.

The other thing that has really registered, and is a part of the same sequence, is that the seals that keep dimensions seemingly separate, are dissolving. This is happening within us, aided by the incoming higher aspects. It allows for a massive integration of higher frequency fields and energies into us at a physical level. It is as if we shift up a gear. This is a collective process. It is NOT a one time only offer. The doorways are opening. It is up to us when we walk through.

The veils of separation are wearing mighty thin, and that can feel a little strange or overwhelming. More and more energy integrates to help lift us onto the higher stairways and walkways that elevate out trajectory. Remember the goodness of the Universe. It holds our highest interests at its heart. We have to hold that too.

So, yes, it is extreme and intense. Holding the frequency of joy, happiness and stability is a really important role. if you’re not feeling those things, then experience what you are feeling fully and honestly. It will move quickly. Then spend some time looking into the background of your emotional and energetic reality. I promise you, joy is there. You can bring it forward if you spend a little time focusing on it.

In this teleconference we will take time for an initial, deep clearing to move through, then we will invite whatever higher aspects are ready to land and integrate. This will be followed by the opportunity to anchor yourself onto a higher timeline. I don’t know how this will be facillitated, but I am assured it is available to us all right now.