Solar Eclipse.



So, we are here. There is so much written about this event, so much hype and distortion. I don’t at this stage have much to say about it. What I know is that we will be aligning with the highest energies and timelines. We will gather to hold space for ourselves, the collective as well as the planet.

The energies in the build up to this are extreme, are rewiring and re-writing everything.  We are being encouraged to let it all go. To be as empty of history and distortion as is possible for each of us.

I will write more as we come closer to the day.

The recording will be available soon after the event and will be encoded with the energies. Useful to listen to in the days following in order to move into ever deeper layers.

*Because I’m offering two events close together, I am dropping the price of both a little to make them a bit more easily available