Solar Storms, Becoming Sensitive Again.



Maybe the strongest weather we have ever experienced is our current situation. There are reports all over social media, alerting everyone to the state of play. It is so easy to move into defensive mode when feeling bombarded. We do it quite unconsciously. Making a conscious effort to ensure that is not the case can set a new pattern in your field. It is a simple as giving clear instruction to your field, on how you want it to be in these times, and trusting that process.

There is divine purpose to this intense energy we are receiving from the sun. It is stripping us down. Removing the excess baggage we have accumulated over many lifetimes and thousands of years of living separation. We are in a sense, being restored to factory settings.

Extraordinary levels of sensitivity. This is our natural state. Not sensitivity as in a complete overwhelm of data coming in and frying our system. A beautiful alive, interactive, immersive experience of life. That sensitivity. If you are in a human body, then it, you, are capable of experiencing and accurately interpreting way more data than is currently accepted as normal. Way more inform-ation than you allow into awareness.

The sun, and therefore life, is attempting to remove from our system the millions, billions of decisions we have made, collectively and personally over thousands of years, to be insensitive. To not feel. To not be completely overwhelmed and traumatised by the level of energy and information coming in from our surroundings.

We are designed to live in harmony and balance. Within ourselves and with all of nature. Thousands of years ago we decided to try out the experiment of separation.This requires we muffle our sensitivity. Brutal experiences, over and over again, lifetimes of extreme duress, encourage us to close down our natural and innate capacity to be informed by life. We wander around wrapped in heavy duty insulation, buffering us against the torture of massively harsh environments. Male bodies in particular, used in the games of war, bred for slaughter on battlefields, have particularly heavy defences.

Life now is attempting to unwrap us. The sun is melting away the dense overcoats of separation we have wrapped ourselves within. Over the past few days I have become aware of a “false floor” we have collectively created. It is a layer of energy, formatted from out beliefs and experience, that separates us from the deep, intimate relationship we are meant to be having with he earth and the spectacular energies of nature. Religion has played a significant part in this. For hundreds of years, we as a poorly educated population were told that hell existed within the earth, and consorting with nature spirits and earth energies, even giving thanks to the earth, was likely to eternal damm our souls.

The false floor we have collectively constructed is very close to dissolving completely. Many have built their lives on this illusory structure. Many have their security firmly rooted, not in the real, life sustaining energies of the earth, but in this thin veneer of a structure that locks us in to separation. As it falls apart, many will feel major distress. The fabric of their lives will appear to be disintegrating.

We are being returned to truth. The sun and the earth, the bodies that underpin, overlight and sustain all of our existence here on this planet, are both disintegrating the false structures of separation, within and around us.

This piece of energy work is us very consciously working with the intense light of the sun, to clear our system of the debris and wreckage. It is us, as a collective, working to dissolve and release the false floor that has built up as a separating device between us and the earth and all of her realms and beings.


The beautiful image is doing the rounds on social media. I don’t know the origin.