Solstice Preparation; Grounding Higher Dimensions Through the Heart.



This event, days before the landmark December Solstice, is a stand alone event, but also a preparation for the Solstice itself.

The recent energetic climate has been intense and sometimes overwhelming to say the least. This teleconference will be an opportunity to balance and harmonise your personal field, and release any stress and strain picked up over the past weeks.

There will be a team of healing guides working specifically with us on this call, so a beautiful opportunity to receive any healing your body, emotions or mental field may want to draw upon. This work will be quite deep and penetrating.

You will be given choices as to what you are ready and willing to release and let go of, and what you are willing to move into at this supremely important juncture of humanities ascension process. These choices are not a once and forever opportunity, simply choices for now. The opportunity comes around again and again to choose differently if you wish. Spending time in consideration will enable a deeper release when we actually come to the solstice two days later. So we begin a process, and this allows a much fuller engagement in the powerful energies of this season.

We will also draw on years of heart focused energy work to bring together many pieces and anchor them. The aim is to access and ground higher dimensions in the heart field in a way that opens these higher dimensions of the heart and anchors higher frequencies in the heart and body. This will help us to achieve maximum benefit from the Solstice.