Soular Unveiling. We Are In It.



The Solar Unveiling I was shown a couple of weeks ago is also a Soular Unveiling. It is happening now. We are in the midst of it.
As above so below. As within so without. In a very real sense the sun represents the soul. It is the externalisation of the collective, planetary and personal soul. The rapidly increasing frequencies we are receiving from the sun at a planetary level, are mirrors exactly by what we receive from our soul. there is no difference or separation. There is no inner and outer. We are it all. there is just one body of humanity and it is shifting. NOW.
All of the veils and layers of distortion are rapidly stripping away. I experienced this first hand during the week. A huge soular download/integration, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. It left me completely befuddled for a couple of days. I woke this morning and there was a degree of clarity.

As I sat in bed this morning,I saw huge ripples and sparkles deep in the collective field. This is a slow moving, dense  field of energy I perceive in and around the planet. Often it looks quite sludgy. Many are completely mired in its treacly substance. Well, even this is starting to move and speed up. It is actually responding to the massive influxes of light that we are experiencing. These ripples, and deep activations in the slow moving collective field will produce results. They will hit the surface in the next few days. The pot is being stirred. It takes a vast amount of energy to move the collective field in this way, and when it starts to move, earthquakes in consciousness happen.

I wasn’t at all sure that a teleconference e was to happen this weekend. What I thought we would focus on got wiped out by the major download I experienced. I was too much in process to see anything clearly. This morning, it was clear.
We will gather and receive a Soular Unveiling. It is happening. You don’t need to join with me to experience this. Please know that.  Everything I write about is completely available to you id you are available to it.

If you want to join me, then that would be really great. Together we will focus these downloads of energy that are building all of the time. It does seem  that the energy is stronger now than even what i started to write this newsletter.
We will focus them for the planet and ourselves. I had some profound energy work in my brain, around the head  and deep into my neck before the download took place. We will give space for that too. It will make receiving the large amounts of light much smoother and easier.
This really is happening. All that we have been waiting for. Well, this is the time. And as I write that, there is another surge of the incoming energies. We createthsi with our own consciousness. We are the planetary grids. we are the aliens we are waiting for. We are the angels we seek. The second coming of Christ is us, awakening to the Truth of who and what we care.
Its happening now