Strengthening Purpose. A Sirian Download and Activation



We are in a very different landscape since the energies of the Solstice have moved through and now begin to settle. A tsunami of light has been unleashed. There was another of those Solar Unveilings I was told about. That isn’t a moment in time. I realise now, it takes place over a couple of weeks. More of the filters around the sun let go and dissolve. The added intensity of light from the sun releases the filters we have in place. Its a rapid up-levelling of frequency that takes a little time for us and the whole world to adjust to. More shadow comes to light. We see with more clarity, both within and without.

I was shown the analogy of being encased in layer after layer of waxy material, over many lifetimes. The wax layers are the human condition. Our personality structures, wounds patterns, conditioning. We have built up a very thick coating of this wax, and live muffled and mummified within it.

The soul journey has been one of stripping away the layers to reveal the inner spark of inspiration and divinity. There is always a huge amount of support for that journey from our higher self and other dimensions.

Now, the journey is a little different. Same process but the melting of the waxy layers is happening extremely fast. The sun, as it unveils itself lends a vast amount of energy to the process of melting. Our inner radiance, strengthening too, does the job from the inside out.

This is a time of revelation, and it is us that is being revealed. Often we are surprised by what is revealed. Always, there is shadow to be accepted, integrated, transformed. Now though, along with the shadow, there is more of our collective and personal potential being activated and strengthened. It’s coming online. All of this takes place in energetic realms and requires of us a certain amount of stillness, a willingness to be quiet and pay attention.

This brings me to purpose. It’s one of those perennial questions, “What is my purpose?”  We long to know our purpose, and many expend huge amounts of energy seeking their purpose.

Well, this is the purpose. The stripping and melting away of all our delusions and falsehoods is a mighty purpose. Thousands of years of collective density requires an army of volunteers to shift it.  We are that army, and the process is ongoing. Now though, we are beginning to uncover the gold that got hidden. This is happening collectively as well as individually.  Much of this inner gold can only be alchemised through the frequencies of the heart. So this becomes another aspect of collective purpose. Strengthening the heart field on the planet.

This heart frequency has always been present. It’s the base note of creation. The animal and plant kingdoms hold it for us. The sun and stars sing it to us. The wind whispers, sometimes roars it.  Under our many waxy layers we have struggled to feel it.

Now we add our energies to the chorus of creation in order to roll back the tide that has engulfed humanity.

Individual purpose lies within the greater, collective purpose. It shifts and changes too, always pushing our development and expansion. Soul driven, it seeks to round out our capabilities, and help us uncover our strengths. it emerges from within, sometimes prompted by external circumstances.

We are coming to know our purpose. It strengthens every day. Fields of Unity expand and connect right around the planet, offering support, encouragement and inspiration to those feeling alone, or just beginning the conscious journey.

This gathering is designed to help strengthen our sense of purpose. Individual purpose lies nestled within the bigger collective purpose, and we will help to unfold both on the teleconference. We will strengthen the fields of planetary unity and our own. Our soul longs for us to experience it at an intimate level, in a deeply personal way. This happens now more and more as the layers of illusion fall away. It is a key aspect of personal and collective purpose.

As always we will be aided and supported by the vast network of light support that exists in other realms and dimensions. The field we have built over years is strong and active. Nature spirits, plant and animal kingdoms, guides and angels, elements and stars all participate in this planetary unfolding and lend us their energy to help in our activation.

Image, Daniel Holeman.