Surrender. We Only Surrender to Ourselves.



This morning I woke up in deep fear. I lay in bed and felt completely immersed in a paralysing type of energy. I didn’t want to move, or get out of bed, or face the day. I wanted to go back to sleep. I did that, but couldn’t escape the fear that was crawling all over my skin. ¬†After a while, I felt into the fear. It was a strong vibration, with a central focus in my pelvis. Usually consciously allowing it, connecting with it diminishes the emotion very quickly for me, helps it to move. Not this morning. It got stronger. I felt overwhelmed, childlike and wanted to cry. I wanted to be rescued.

I sat up in bed, and dropped into the place of fear. Almost immediately, I knew it as a construct, false, not real. Within less than a minute, it was dissolving. The hard shell of its point of origin was falling apart. I could feel how this inner place of generation was connecting me to the external broadcast of fear which is very strong at the moment. I knew this contributed to the feeling of helplessness. Sitting up was key. Changing position, perspective. It allowed a totally different sense of things to emerge.

I’ve had this experience before, only today it was particularly clear and strong. It has stayed with me all day. It has helped to strengthen in me the recognition that there can be no hiding place. No stone unturned and all that. It has helped me to realise another round of what is important.

Everything now is being stripped away. There is no where to hide. Not at the macro level or the micro. Not, internally or externally. All of our hiding places are being revealed. Everything we have wanted to keep secret, even from ourselves, is coming to the surface. The effort needed to conceal now is massive, and ineffective.

As I sat to write this, I quickly became aware of a column of energy that contained my body. It runs deep into the earth and high into the heavens. “This is what you are”, I heard as I tuned myself to it. “This is your truth and your reality. It is to this that you surrender.”

So this is our focus for this gathering. Surrender to our Self. We are in a massive collective surrender at the moment. It is a little like a tornado, that is pulling everything apart. Dismantling it all. The extent to which you are engaged in trying to defend or preserve what isn’t real or true in your self is the extent of the turbulence you will feel. The more we hold on, the bumpier the ride now.

There is nothing outside of ourselves to which we surrender. This is a big issue for many of us. We have been trained over lifetimes to worship gods and beings outside of ourselves. it doesn’t matter wether the voices we hear and the beings we see are Jesus, Mary, Buddha, an angel, nature spirit, Unicorn or a shinning light. They are all aspects of The Greater Self. It is to that that we turn everything over. It is to that which we align and streamline our flow, bringing everything into harmony and balance.

Surrender is so simple, beautiful and surprising. There isn’t one point of surrender, but many, over and over again, taking us deeper and deeper into our aligned truth. On this teleconference we will work with this alignment, allowing it to take us. More and more of us. It is effortless. The with-holding is where the effort is. So, we will immerse ourselves in the soul-stream of our greater Self. this will do the work. All we have to offer is the willingness.