Technology of The Heart.



Years ago, as part of an initiation I was undergoing, I was given an experience of the potential of the heart field. I haven’t really explored this much. Now, as we have evolved, and many are experiencing the vastness of the impersonal heart field coming on line, it is time.

We step out of the control fields of ancient, limiting conditioning. Everything changes. The walls of separation are crumbling fast. We recognise divinity as an inside job. It is awakening within our cells and we are falling into ever deeper personal realisations of our interconnectedness with all things. We recognise ourselves as vast, multi-dimensional beings, with deep, rich experience of life here on this planet but also in other worlds and dimensions.

We start to understand and accept ourselves as technologically and evolutionarily advanced beings, born of many fusions of DNA and integrations of wisdom. The heart space has become a vast portal, a meeting ground within of all of these aspects, levels, dimensions of awareness and technology. It is one of, if not the main driver of current evolution this in the human experience. As I watch clients in one to one sessions, it seems everyone is undergoing a massive expansion of the heart field. This has taken place over many years, but now the heart field is like a beacon, radiating waves of pristine light out into the world.

This serves to draw to us, and us into the frequencies and experiences we most need. Many are having meet-ups with and recognitions of ancient friendships and soul connections. We are drawn into new configurations, both inner and outer to prepare us for the next phase. Roles are shifting, often dissolving completely. There is a deeper emergence of the wisdom of the heart. This is a palpable field now, establishing itself as a guiding force. The heart knows what it wants, and leads us on, superseding the knowing of the mind to truly become the strongest field emanating from within our physical system.

This piece of energy work is about the birthing of this reality. The facsimile of our personality construct is like a thin veneer over the vastness of the heart field. Within this reality, I am finding many aspects of us, already integrated seamlessly, working as a whole. Within this reality we are already guided by our Higher Wisdom, our heart felt knowing. The technologies were are searching for are here, waiting to be born in and through us. This becomes easier to access every day.

It’s about each of us having the conviction of the power available to us through the portal of our own heart field. This power is building on the planet as more and more are sensing it within. On this call we will explore the creative potentials inherent within the heart field. These include the power of healing and dissolution, and the potential of manifestation. The heart field holds all dimensions within it, so the capacity to experience expanded realities and enter into these dimensions to meet guiding figures and maybe loved ones that have passed.

We will explore this power individually and collectively.  What happens when a group came together to harness the power of the heart.