Templates of Distortion; Sexual Use of Children.



Since the recent eclipses and 11/11 window, we find ourselves in a very different place. Everyone is aware that something profound has shifted. Life has speeded up a notch or two. There is much more clarity and immediacy. We are taking on more and more of our multi-dimensionality every day now, and working consciously with those energies to create new worlds.

We are also mopping up some of the fundamental distortions in our personal and collective patterning. Distortions that keep up pinned and limited. One of the major ones is sexual in nature and relates to the use of children in sexual acts/ceremonies.

There is a deep history of extreme brutality on this planet. Many of us have bean so traumatised by this that it has been difficult to come into a body at all. One of the most cruel aspects of this is the way children have been enslaved and ensnared in dark fields of sexual energy.

Many of us experienced as children, being used by adults for sexual gratification. This often locks in deep patterns of confusion, shame, guilt and self loathing. A massive and corrosive distortion in self image results, leaving millions around the world struggling to fulfil their potential.

We have spent years in the healing of the personal wound. It is only very recently that this came into collective consciousness, perhaps in the last 30-40 years. Before that it was largely swept unfder the carpet. Massive strides have been taken. All of that personal healing coupled with the vast influxes of energy allow light to penetrate into the depths of this pattern of distortion.

Now, since our major collective upgrade, we are equipped with the tools to tackle the distortions at the fundamental, collective level. This surprises me. It certainly isn’t something I saw coming. Back in 2017 I offered a teleconference on my personal experience of this issue. I thought I was done with it. But now, it comes back in a very powerful way.

So this teleconference is not primarily a personal healing process around sexual abuse, though that may certainly occur. Attention will be given to clearing and healing wounds at this level.

More focus will be given to the fundamental patterning that underpins the activity. In our individual body, it’s a re-wiring of sorts. A disconnection from fields of distortion that have a potent impact in our body, personality and energy system. We are all impacted by this distortion. Ancestrally, past and  present lifetimes, at the level of DNA.

The primary aim focus will be deep, at the point where our personal field meets the collective. This place has opened up dramatically over the past few weeks, making this sort of work easier and more effective.

It is a major part of the ascension process, that we clean up the field. We cant escape this work, personally or collectively.

This will also be an activation of the tools we have been given for this work. An activation of potentials you could say. It’s going to be powerful. It does not however, replace the need for individual healing work if you are dealing with this issue personally. Please bear that in mind.


The teleconference I offered in 2017 on my personal experience is available in the free section of my website.


“Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman