The 11/11 Portal. Connectivity and Power Restored. A Free Teleconference.




I’m offering a free teleconference tonight to mark the 11/11 gateway. Apologies for the short notice. My internet has been down for days and so have I in a manner of speaking. A heavy cold has laid me a little low, so off line in more than one sense. 

Anyway, we are at this point of major shift in the collective. I have this experience, an inner sense of the tide being at its furthest point from the shore before it begins to rush back in.  If we look at opur physical world, that could be said to be true. Energetically, this time has has been heralded and presaged by so many heightened influxes and amplifications of light in the weeks and months leading us here. This feels like a truly significant point. Everything has been leading us here. We have been upgraded and pulled and pushed into ever deeper alignments with love and truth. 

Today, I think, is the day when the tide turns. We will begin to notice the shift in our external reality soon. 

Many are calling this a timeline shift, or the parting of timelines. It has been shown to me that a timeline we once walked, one of deep respect and reverence and connectiion with all things natural, is re-emerging at this point, from somewhere deep in our collecive energy fields, our collective subconscious. This weves oiurv releationships with nature and all her kngdoms back int o fuller awareness.

As above so below. This is happening at cosmic levels too. As I sit here to meditate, just enquiring for the best ways to give words to what is happening, my mind is drawn to the internet engineer working round the corner from my home to restore connection. It is as if the connections we once knew so well, have been restored and upgraded. Our connection to the earth, to the sun and all of the suns, to the Galactic Mother, and out into the multi-verse. Power is about to be restored. It wont run on full immediately. It’s been a long time since we have run at full power, but this time does mark that point where we have decided collectively that we will run full power again. For full power, you need full integrity. You cant run huge amounts of energy down faulty cabling. The network has to be robust, has to have integrity. We have been building strengh and integrity behind the scenes, for a long time. Now, the lack of integrity screaming at us, us, in governments,  corportions all over the world, will start to be called into account.

There may well be a split, a timeline de-merge, where paths move in different directions. I think we have made our choices, and are ready to move forard, in whchever direction we intended. There is an air of celebration. Can you feel it. Go with that. let that celebratory energy carry you on the turning tide. 

On this teleconference, we will take time to acknowleds where we are and all we have mpoved through, the ancestors and the vast amount of unending support from the dimensions. We really are nothing without tht. 

We will connect deep into the earth and recieve into our being the emerging timeline of connectivity. We will extend out into the heavens to connect to the suns, all of them, the Galactic Mother, and Universal Centre. 

Then we will collectively say yes to the switch on of power, a return to a power and connectivity we once knew. As I say, this wont flow fully for some time yet, but the network has been restored, The grids have been reworked and renewed. This has happened on the planet and in us. There is no separation. 

Literally as I write this, the line engineer, has called to tell me he has finished his work. We met on the steps of my house and he said power has been restored. The cable had corroded in two places, so he put in a new line. The power won’t run at 100% immediately, beacause it needs to find its balance, but by the end of the day, it will be at full stream. 

I’m amazed that inner and outer reality are so neatly synchronised.