The December Solstice 2021.



This is my favourite of all the major alignments and influxes we experience cyclically. The actual time of the Solstice is 15.58pm UK, so we will begin our teleconference at 3.20pm UK to give us time to settle in. As usual, we will be in silence over the ten minutes or so of the Solstice itself.

Solstices are always about shedding and renewal. They speak of the perfect balance of the planet and her relationship with the sun. Summer Solstice and longest day in the southern hemisphere, Winter Solstice and shortest day in the North.

This time we are in, heralded as a point of great shifting, allows for a beautiful alignment of our Solar System with the Galactic Core at the December Solstice. According to Graham Hancock, over 6400 yrs ago, it was the March Equinox that held this alignment, and in roughly another 6400 yrs, it will be the September Equinox.

That alignment with the centre of the Galaxy allows for a very deep transformation, integration, uplevelling. Many are loosing their grip on 3d reality and moving fully and firmly into higher dimensions. Here we will align with and integrate at the deepest possible levels the powerfully transformational energies of the Solstice. This orients us in our cosmic relationships, gives us a deep sense of our connection not just to the planet but to the solar system and beyond. There are geometries that play through the patterns of planets in their orbits around the sun, and no doubt, in the movements of the solar system around the Galactic Centre.

These geometries get laid down, emphasised at this time of year. The patterns inform us at levels way deeper than the intellect, of our place within the grand scheme of things. We know ourselves to be at home in the stars, a part of the wholeness and beauty of cosmic creation.

We will consciously receive these geometries on this teleconference.

As always, this teleconference will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend the live event, then listening to the recording at a time that works for you will give you access to all of the energies encoded in the call.