The Deep Desire to Incarnate.



This has come up strongly over the past few days, in a variety of ways.

Many years ago, I was really struggling and feeling overwhelmed by my resistance to life, and all I seemed to need to do to get on track. I was having body work, cranial osteopathy, with someone I had worked with over a long period off time.

He commented during the session,” I have never encountered such a strong impulse to incarnate.”

This confused the hell out of me. All I was aware of was my desire to leave. As far as I was concerned, I didn’t want to be here. It was too hard, I had already screwed things up too badly. I just wanted to give up.

I thought he was mistaken, that he was just saying this to make me feel better. But as I lay on his table and felt into what he was telling me, I began to understand things from a different perspective.  I literally began to experience the original impulse of my soul to incarnate. It was a deep current of strength and courage. It was a deep surety that whispered to me, “Yes, we can do this.”

I began to glimpse the hand of my soul in keeping me on the planet. Luckily for me, the deep rooted impulse to be here was always a bit stronger than the sabotaging impulse to end it all. My addictions and avoidance and denial of life were all symptomatic of the impulse to destroy rather than to live.

I am aware that many are now feeling strongly the effects of many layers of fear of incarnating fully. These dense layers of resistance are coming up, peeling away from around our core, in order to clear from the field. The desire to incarnate is what drove all of us to be here at this time. This messy beautiful time, which needs us. There is no mistake. The desire to incarnate is what is pushing these layers of fear to the surface.

So we are going to explore the desire to incarnate. We are going to align with that desire and allow it to become a very strong, bright current within us. It already is that, believe me. As we focus on it we will pull it into awareness. Its strength and brilliance will help to dissolve any remaining layers of fear and resistance.

As we make this the focus, strength, courage and positive vital energy fill us from within. We are simply coming on line, focusing on what is real and important at this time. This creates from within a field of bright energy that encourages more and more of us to unfold into the incarnation process. We become more present, and are able catch the light that falls onto the planet and do something with it. It takes our deep presence to be able to do that.

I still have times when I think I don’t want to be here. I still have moments where my resistance and self sabotage run high. Now though, I am more likely to give space to that, allow it and listen to it from the perspective of a loving parent holding a child through a tantrum or a trauma.

It is time for us to be fully present. It is time for us to really begin our work. As we come into powerful alignment with the souls impulse to incarnate, all that is ours can  unfold from within. It can’t be that we say, “Show me my gifts, abilities and my true purpose for being here and then I’ll incarnate.”

It has to be the other way around. Incarnate fully, deeply, and everything else is added to you.


Image by Daniel Holeman